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  • Blasting Towards The Horn
    by Photoboy
    Lining up for the Horn

    Cape Horn is just over 1000 miles away, but they will be hard-earned miles...
    The teams have the end of the hardest part of the longest leg in the history of The Ocean Race in sight.

    On Friday afternoon UTC, the most iconic of landmarks to offshore sailors - Cape Horn - lies just over 1000 miles to the east.

    But those miles won't come easily. Gale force winds and 6-8 metre seas are on the menu
    Yesterday, 10:36 AM
  • Rough Road Ahead As Teams Approach Cape Horn
    by Photoboy
    Big conditions ahead on the way to Cape Horn

    The weather is forecast to provide one final taste of Southern Ocean conditions on the approach to Cape Horn.

    For 50 years of The Ocean Race, sailors have considered the Southern Ocean leg, the racing that takes place between Cape Town and Cape Horn, deep in the southern latitudes, as the biggest milestone in the event.

    Rounding Cape Horn marks the end of the southern conditions, where deep low...
    03-23-2023, 10:52 AM
  • In Their Own Words: The Captain Of SV Raindancer On The Whale Collision And Rescue
    by Photoboy
    The people on sunken boat SV Raindancer in the Pacific are safely aboard SV Rolling Stone after 10 hrs in a lifeboat.
    Great job by them and all the other yachts incl SV Far that went to the rescue.

    Most of the rescue was coordinated by WhatsApp using Starlink which is a game changer when it comes to safety. At least 8 yachts, mainly World Arc rally members plus a large ship responded.

    Update from the skipper of Raindancer Rick added in photos...
    03-21-2023, 04:20 PM
  • St Bart's Bucket A Win-Win Event
    by Photoboy

    Day 1

    Sailing counterclockwise around the island in an 18-25 knot northerly, 25 Superyachts sailed their first of three racing days at the St. Barths Bucket Regatta 2023. The testing conditions forced three entries to withdraw due to equipment failure and some to limp across the finish line; however, others seemed to have the luck of the Irish with them (after all, today is St. Patrick’s Day) and spun that into gold over the 20-26 nautical mile courses that were
    03-21-2023, 03:44 PM
  • No Matter Where You Go!
    by Photoboy

    There is always one lurking!...
    03-21-2023, 03:30 PM
  • The Battle For Point Nemo
    by Photoboy
    Close together, far from home

    The Ocean Race is still racing close together as they approach the most isolated place on the planet

    The four IMOCAs charging towards Cape Horn are approaching Point Nemo on Tuesday.

    Defined as the most isolated, remote place on earth, Point Nemo is a spot in south Pacific Ocean, 2,688 kilometres from the nearest land. In fact, the closest sign of civilisation is the International Space Station, orbiting
    03-21-2023, 10:58 AM