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SSS Stand Down Marathon


  • SSS Stand Down Marathon

    It was coined the Stand Down Marathon, and Saturdays epic sail for the contestants was all that and more.
    A replacement for the scheduled annual Single Handed Farallones Race, which was deemed off limits by the
    USCG departed the GGYC as usual just past 9:00 AM Saturday. 33 boats boat in 7 classes enjoyed the magic carpet ride out to Point Bonita, and then instead of continuing west, they turned back into the bay. With the 3 knot ebb now a hindrance instead of an aide,and winds in the low teens, it was certainly an uphill battle.

    Brian Boshmas Olson 34 "Redsky" blasts into the South Bay

    Ron Snetsinger's Express 27 " Verve" looking good. There was one slight hiccup, Ron's check in was never received and consequentky his practice sail, became, just that, a practice.

    Once the boats it the GG Bridge, the South Tower Demon was wide awake, and the still lively ebb and ferry traffic made life "interesting" for more than one short handed sailor, and several boats end up dousing and waiting to regroup once past the hectic city front which was just beginning to come to life with traffic and breeze. It took the majority of the fleet till noon to reach the Bay Bridge where they were rewarded with sunshine and what appeared to be a building seabreeze.

    Joe Balderram's "Archimedes" loving life in pleasant South Bay conditions. Joe would go on to win
    the Express 27 divison

    The breeze back off slightly mid afternoon, somewhere in the 10-15 knot range and the ebb slow resided. The Southbay is nearly the size of an inland sea yet the majority is very shallow and sailors really need to pay attention to the charts if they want to not become embedded into scenery,

    Stanley Martin's Moore 24 "Sunshine" on his way to victory in the 7 boat sportboat division

    Sandy Englehart's 1st singlehanded race aboard her Elite 37 "Compromise"

    Neck and Neck and wing and wing

    Greg Nesen sailed another impressive race and was the 1st to the leeward mark, buoy 10 at
    the San Mateo Bridge, about 2:00 PM and was the 1st to finish at 18:37:06, but corrected out
    some 17 minute and change behind "Sunshine"

    Zhenya Kirueshkin-stepano on his Hobie 33 "AKYLA" was on of several who ventured in no mans land,
    the shallows just east of 3rd Avenue, and was not as lucky as some, and spent a nice chunk of the afternoon

    Dan Benjamin was sailing a good race on his Wylie Cat 30 "Whirlwind" and notice the grounding,
    and called in to the USCG. Dan was rewarded with redress and and elapsed time correction for victory
    in PHRF 111-150

    "Free at Last, Free at Last...Good god almighty I'm free at last"

    As luck would have it, the ebb the fleet sailed against all the way down the bay, slackened then turned to
    flood, giving the fleet and even greater challenge and extending their stay. But with it a stiffening breeze
    just to give the boats and addition challenge as the worked to shorten sail for the building breeze.

    It was a marathon in every sense, with the last boat to finish, Matthew Beall's Wilderness 21 " Tinker
    finishing at 21:18:20

    There were a lot of great boats and a lot of cool stories on some of them to follow, but like the race itself,
    the coverage and editing has been a marathon as well, tun in Monday for additional coverage!


    The beginnings of a Gallery
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