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Neck And Neck After 3 Days


  • Neck And Neck After 3 Days

    With downwind winds, the sailors were able to descend the Atlantic at high speed on Saturday with peak speeds of 40 knots in a sea that was not yet too heavy. After a jibe on Saturday afternoon to get closer to the Iberian coast, the wind picked up last night off the Portuguese coast. With rough to heavy seas, the sailors lost a bit of speed but the progress remained rapid with speeds close to 30 knots. In the early morning, the first 3 Ultims engaged in a real battle at the latitude of the Strait of Gibraltar. Charles Caudrelier and his crew on Maxi Edmond de Rothschild were only ahead of Banque Populaire XI by 6 miles and Sodebo Ultim by 22 miles at 9 a.m. this morning

    After 24 hours of racing on Finistere Atlantique - Challenge Action Enfance, hostilities have indeed begun while the leaders have already reached the coasts of the Iberian Peninsula. From the first miles in the Bay of Concarneau, the men of the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild took control of the fleet of Ultims. But after a night of heading West to find more favorable winds behind a front, the giants are now sliding downwind and at high speeds towards the South. The perfect opportunity to gauge the competition at the start of the sporting season. Once again, thanks to his camera and his keen eye, Yann Riou, media crew and helmsman of Gitana 17, takes us behind the scenes of the race.

    They said :

    Franck CAMMAS – Maxi Edmond de Rothschild: “The start of the race was a speed race along Portugal and placement in the gybes. We see that the first 3 boats are going at very similar speeds. Last night, we can say that we had strong winds compared to the sail we had at that time. In the slightly weaker winds, we can see that Banque Populaire is doing well and Sodebo Ultim 3, which despite a slightly underpowered first night, is very much in contact now. It's nice, we did some match racing along Portugal. Banque Populaire has just reappeared at the AIS, it is 6 minutes away as the crow flies. We'll end up seeing each other when day breaks. Today, we will still be downwind, but in a weaker wind around 15 knots. We are heading for Madeira, with a long starboard tack in rather light winds.

    Corentin Horeau – Sodebo Ultim 3: “Since the start, there have been a lot of maneuvers and above all a lot of sail changes. We just gybed 2 hours ago. There are often 4 of us on deck (2 crew on watch and 2 crew on stand-by) to help trim the sails and we spend a lot of time steering. There is a good atmosphere and everyone has found their rhythm. Last night, it was a little harder to steer, there was sea in a dark night, but the swell has just flattened out, it's still more pleasant. With Banque Populaire on our axis, we have a good hare ahead of us. We try to grab the smallest meters, but it's not easy, we have boats that have very similar speeds.

    I am on watch with Thomas Rouxel the first hour and Thierry Douillard the second, at that time the men on standby are Thomas Coville and Nicolas Troussel. This allows you to see a little bit of everyone. We are on the pace and we try to have everyone on deck during the manoeuvres. The rest of the program is a long starboard tack and a small gybe before reaching the Canaries. The wind is softer. We had strong winds last night and after midnight up to 30 knots. It was complicated to be consistent in speed but now the wind has just eased. It's a beautiful day ahead!


    We are still downwind after our gybe off Lisbon last night. The sea has also calmed down a lot, we are side by side with Gitana and we are very happy to have managed to catch up with the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild and to get a little bit of Sodebo Ultim 3 (note: only 13mn). All is well on board. The boat is in perfect condition. We take turns a lot because we spend a lot of time steering since the wind picked up last night. Conditions will remain stable until passing the ACTION ENFANCE Canaries mark next night. Even if Lanzarote is not the largest island of the Canaries, we will have to pay attention to the winds of the island, and then we will leave for a long edge towards the Azores.

    Ronan Gladu, aboard Actual Ultim 3, July 3, 2022
    Since we left Finistere, under a radiant sun (obviously!), it has been gray.
    But a real gray, very austere, weighty, almost oppressive... And as a Brestois, I know about shades of gray! I thought it was the heat wave in Europe? Here it is especially the "caniPULL"!

    Since yesterday and especially last night, we've been in the “breeze” as the professionals say: it's windy! The whole team is working hard to make the most of the Ultim Actual and it sends, with the counter which regularly appears in scarlet red, above 40 knots!

    It's exhilarating, even mind-blowing to chain the hours at this speed! But the tension increases all the more on the boat and the sailors: the central daggerboard sings, whistles continuously, even screams to death at the end of the surf... that's good, we sleep around it between shifts! (2 rest poufs are squarely leaned against the daggerboard well: a whistling pillow basically).

    Frankly, the sound level inside the hull is at the limit of bearable. And then, there is this incessant “racquet kick”: the boat flies on its foils, which tend to “skid” (roughly slide sideways) and the rudders correct this instantly, which gives left/right jerks permanent: we can't stand up! Inevitably our 2 shift supervisors, Yves and Antho, sleep very little. They are there, at all times, to provide advice and techniques to get the most out of the boat. And we are at the limit... For example, to shock the enormous gennaker, it takes three people to relieve the winch, which is clearly undersized at the time.

    It's a bit disappointing, at each score, to see the match played out right in front of us, when we give everything. But morale and team cohesion are at the top, we won't let go! Soon the Canary Islands, and perhaps the return of the sun and the Ultim Actual?

    Video Link:

    Jul 3, 2022 The Maxi Edmond de Rothschild launched at full speed, in flight, in the evening lights along Portugal … Yann Riou, the media crew who needs no introduction, could not miss these terms. But taking off a drone at more than 40 knots of average boat speed and above all bringing it back into the confined space of the five-arrow giant's cockpit is still a bit of a feat... Another balancing act and piloting exercise. times perfectly successful for our greatest pleasure!

    For the Ultim de la Finist?re Atlantique - Challenge ACTION ENFANCE, the second night at sea was rougher than the previous one. The four giants hurtled down the Portuguese coast at almost 40 knots. Since daybreak, they have been moving in a less sustained and fairly unstable trade wind. As they approach Madeira, the regatta is in full swing! The Maxi Edmond de Rothschild and Banque Populaire XI are sailing side by side while Sodebo Ultim 3 has slightly shifted to the West. Actual Ultim 3 is hanging on, a few tens of miles behind. The passage of the door ACTION ENFANCE Canaries which is taking shape for next night could upset the ranking.

    The faces and voices testify to a certain fatigue this morning. Corentin Horeau, crew member of Sodebo Ultim 3 laughs about it in a message sent from the edge at daybreak: “Last night it was bombarding well, there was a little sea, it was complicated to be regular in speed. There is a bit of fatigue all the same, it must be heard in my voice!”. To Thomas Coville, the skipper, to add: “the night was eventful and physical in strong winds with rough seas”. But the road is still long, “the competition has only just begun! For the moment, this event meets all our expectations” says the skipper of Sodebo Ultim 3, who is currently sailing with a lag in the West. Franck Cammas, crew member of the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild is delighted: “we did some match racing”. This is evidenced by the extremely small gaps separating the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild from the new leader Banque Populaire this afternoon. On the second day of racing, the regatta was of rare intensity.

    Door CHILDREN'S ACTION Canary Islands

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