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The Second Wave Of Cabo Wabo Seekers Has Departed


  • The Second Wave Of Cabo Wabo Seekers Has Departed


    ORR A

    Artemis (Botin 65 )

    Raymond Paul: Owner
    Seadon Wijsen: Tactician
    Peter King: Navigator
    Additional Crew: Carlos Badell, Delmar Badell, Jay Crum, Joe Crum, Rodney Daniel,
    Sonny Lopez, Dennis Roweder, Keith Stahnke, Jeff Wayne

    BadPak (Botin 56)

    Tom Holthus: Owner
    Artie Means Navigator
    Bruce Nelson Tactician
    Additional Crew: Jon Gardner, Hartwell Jordan, Ryan Mazzella , Ty Reed, Matt Smith,
    Jacob Sorosky

    Hollywood Down Under (JV72)

    Raymond Boberts: Owner
    David Chapman: Tactician
    Koen De Smedt: Navigator
    David Millett: Navigator
    Additional Crew: Marcin Banaszek, Maxwell Brennan, Jennifer Garvey, Max Godfroy,
    Daniel Hawkins , Chandler Hill, Dale Johnston, Marcus Korobacz, Matt Levings,
    Filip Peitrzak, Harrison Philip, Jonathan Rankine, Francis Richard, Marc Ignacio Rosenfeld Lipkes, Tim Somerville, Michael Spies

    Peligroso (Dencho/Kernan 68)

    Doug Baker: Owner
    Ernie Richau: Navigator
    Additional Crew: James Clappier, Dustin Durant, John Fuller, Kaipo Kelley, Keith Kilpatrick, Doug Mclean, William Menninger, Cody Schlub, Benjamin Wheatley

    Rio 100 (Bakewell White 100)

    Manouch Moshayedi: Skipper
    Jay Davis: Navigator
    Morgan Gutenkunst: Strategist
    Ben Bardwell
    Additional Crew: Bouwe Bekking, Ethan Doyle, Justin Ferris, Jesse Fielding,
    Alex Higby, William Jenkins, Drew Lawler, Ryan Lynch, Jeff Messano, Sebastian Moshayedi,
    Joe Penrod, Scott Tompkins, Dylan Vogel

    Zephyrus (Reichel Pugh 77)

    Damon Guizot Owner
    John Jourdane Navigator
    Additional Crew: Dan Crowley, Roger Kurath, Dave Leverett, Brian McMartin, Stuart Palmer,
    Tom Priest, Robin Sodaro, Gary Tautz, Anders Troedsson


    ORR B

    Bolt (Nelson Marek 70)

    Craig Reynolds: Skipper
    Phil Moore: Navigator
    Additional Crew: Sam Heck, Greg Helias, Jeff Linden, Zack Maxam, Manny Moledo,
    Dave Oborn, Carson Reynolds, Maximilian Rosenblad, Jim Sears

    Grand Illusion (Santa Cruz 70)
    David H. Clark: Owner
    Patrick O'Brien: Navigator
    Addional Crew: John Aschieris, Mike Blunt, Garrett Brown, Brooks Clark, Daniel Geissmann,
    Tom O'Keefe, Jake Reynolds, Bud Richley

    Mirage (Santa Cruz 70)

    Chuck & Heather Furey: Owners
    Ray Marchetta: Navigator
    Additional Crew: Ian Bower. Tod Clark, Jon Sanchioli, Kimberly Stanford,
    Samantha Treadwell-Hartsell, Mark Wallace

    Pyewacket (Andrews 68)

    Roy Disney: Owner
    Peter Isler: Navigator
    Additional Crew: Mark Callahan, Scott Easom, Torben Grael, Brad Jackson
    Robbie Kane, Ben Mitchell, Tony Mutter, Daryl Wislang


    ORR C

    Fast Exit II (Ker 51)

    John Raymont: Skipper
    Brad Wheeler: Navigator
    Additional Crew: Alan Andrews, Pike Harris, Erik Kristiansen, RANDALL MORENO
    Collin Mulry, Tyler Wolk

    Saga (TP52)

    John Brynjolfsson: Owner
    Steven Rossi Navigator
    Additional Crew: Daniel Capperucci, Holly Davis, Michael Herlihy, Jonathan Hoover,
    Bryson Hough, Chad Hough, Tyler Prentice

    Vitesse (RP 52)

    Thomas Furlong: Skipper
    Jan Majer: Navigator
    Additional Crew: Tyler Baeder, Pete Balash, Scott Beavis, Sean Couvreux, Mark Newbrook,
    Blaine Pedlow, Chris Welch

    Zero Gravity 51 (Reichel-Pugh 51)

    Ivan Batanov: Skipper
    Lawrence Andrews: Co Skipper
    Additional Crew: Matt Anderson, Lynsi Gibbons, Austin Graef, Richard Graef, Eric Heim,
    Marvin Lee, David Sudano, Casper Thijssen

    ************************************************** **

    ORR MH

    Argo (MOD 70)

    Jason Carroll: Owner
    Brian Thompson: Navigator
    Additional Crew: Westy Barlow, Chad Corning, Peter - Evie Cumming, Charlie Ogletree, Alister Richardson

    Chim Chim (Gunboat 62)

    John Gallagher: Owner
    Jason Owens Navigator
    Additional Crew: Wesley Ewing, Hilton Eymard , Jeremiah Garland, Owen Johnson,
    Scott Klodowski, Andrew Matuszeski, Will Suto

    Orion (MOD70)

    Justin Shaffer Skipper
    Cam Lewis: Navigator
    Additional Crew: Paul Allen, Hogan Beatie, Giulio Bertelli, Morgan Larson, Matt Noble

    Fridays Starters:

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