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A Fast And Furious Big Daddy Pursuit Race


  • A Fast And Furious Big Daddy Pursuit Race

    Frank Slootman's Mod 70' Snow Flake was out practising Sunday, the former Beau Geste, Phaedo3 and Fonica has a storied history and set many records!


    As Beau Geste MOD70 skipper: Karl Kwok - Peter Brady
    • Oct 2017: PIC Gold Cup 2nd
    • Oct 2017: PIC Coastal Classic 2nd 6 h 12 and 58 sec
    • Jan 2018: Bay Of Islands Race Week 1st
    • Mar 2018 Rolex China Sea Race 1st and Race Record 38h 30 7s
    • Oct 2018: Hong-Kong to Hainan Race 1st 1d 0h 1m 59s
    • Nov 2018: The tour of Hong Kong 1st 2h 16m 45s
    • Apr 2019: Brisbane to Gladstone Race Line Honours, 2nd OMR and Race Record 15h 26m 52s.
    • Aug 2019: Brisbane to Hamilton Island Race Line Honours and Race Record 1day 2h 11m 41s

    As Phaedo3 skipper: Lloyd Thornburg - Brian Thompson
    • Feb 2015: Unofficially breaks the Antigua lap record in 2h 44m 15s
    • Feb 2015: Caribbean 600 1st and Race record in 1 day 9h 35m 30s
    • Apr 2015: The tour of St Martin Record in 1h 30m 19s
    • Apr 2015: St Bart / Tintimarre Island Record (Voiles de St Barth) in 1h 53m 35s
    • Apr 2015: Voiles de St Barth 1st
    • Apr 2015: Guadeloupe / Antigua Race 1st and Race Record in 1h 27m
    • Apr 2015: Pearns Round Point Antigua 2st and Race Record in 3h 26m 9s
    • Apr 2015: The Round Redonda Race 1st and Race Record in 5h 18m 58s
    • May 2015: Antigua/Newport Record in 3d 5h 55m 12s
    • Jun 2015: James Town Tour Record in 56m and 33s
    • Jul 2015: Transatlantic Race 1st in 7days 2h 4m 5s
    • Aug 2015: Artemis Challenge 4th
    • Aug 2015: Rolex Fastnet Race 2nd real time (1st MOD70)
    • Sep 2015: Fastnet record in 1day 3h 34min
    • Sep 2015: Plymouth / La Rochelle Record in 14h 5m 27s
    • Sep 2015: Channel Crossing Record in 4h 49m 51s
    • Oct 2015: The Rolex Middle Sea Race 1st in 59h 29m 44s
    • Dec 2015: RORC Transatlantic Race 1st in 5days 23h
    • Dec 2015: The New Year's Eve Regatta (Tour de St Barth) 1st in 1h 5m
    • Jan 2016: Mount Gay Rum Round Barbados Race 2nd in 2h 37m 50s
    • Jan 2016: Barbados Antigua Race 1st
    • Feb 2016: Armor Mesh Around Redonda 1st and Race Record in 4h 5m
    • Feb 2016: Around Antigua 360? 1st in 4h 3m
    • Feb 2016: Caribbean 600 1st and Race Record in 31h 59m 4 sec
    • Mar 2016: The lap of St Maarten as part of the St Maarten H Regatta 1st and Race Record in 1h 19m 59s
    • Mar 2016: St Maarten H Regatta 1st
    • Apr 2016: The Voiles de St Barth 1st in real time (2nd in compensated time)
    • May 2016: Bermuda / Plymouth Record in 5d 11h 57min and 17sec
    • Jun 2016: Volvo Round Ireland 3rd
    • Jul 2016: Round The Island Race 1 and Race Record in 2h 23m 23s
    • Aug 2016: Round of Ireland Record in 36h 52m 4s
    • Aug 2016: Artemis Challenge 1st in 3h 0m 52s
    • Aug 2016: RORC Ile d'Ouessant Race 1st and Race Record in 28h
    • Aug 2016: Isle of Wight circumnavigation record in 2h 4m 14s
    • Sep 2016: Isle of Wight circumnavigation record in 2h 3m 58s
    • Sep 2016: Isle of Wight circumnavigation record in 2h 2m 31s
    • Oct 2016: Rolex Middle Sea Race 2nd
    • Nov 2016: Monaco-Porto Cervo Record record in 7h 53m 31s
    • Dec 2016: RORC Transatlantic Race 1st in 6 days 13h 39m 55s at 18.2 knots
    • Feb 2017: Antigua 360? 1st and Race Record in 3h 18m and 18s.
    • Feb 2017: RORC Caribbean 600 in 1st 33h 40m 46s
    • Mar 2017: Newport Beach Cabo Race 1st in 3 days 2h 37m 55s.
    • Apr 2017: Newport to Ensenada Race 1st in 5h 45m 52s
    • May 2017: Pacific crossing record in 3 days 16h 52m 3s
    • Jul 2017: Transpac 2nd in 4 days 9 h 30m 36s
    • Feb 2017: Line Honours in RORC Carribean 600

    As Fonica Skipper: Michel Desjoyeaux
    • 2011: Krys exhibition match La Trinit? sur Mer 3rd
    • Aug 2012: Round the Isle of Wight Record on the Artemis Challenge 1st and Race Record in 2h 21 min 25 sec
    • Oct 2012: MOD-70 European Tour 1st

    Snow flake will be competing in the California 500 Offshore series in May

    The boat in the foreground, was abandoned the last weekend of January, and was traversing the area when she went aground.

    ( pictured Jeremy Boyette's Seacart 30 Flux)

    A cold and blustery but very fast Big Daddy Regatta, with bands of moisture and squalls traversing the Central Bay. 87 Boats entered the event, but 59 mono hulls and 5 multi hulls completed the event.

    David Schumanns Seacart 30' Bottle Rocket was 1st to finish and the 1st monohull was Jasper Van Vliet's J-24' Evil Octopus! It was the fastest Big Daddy Pursuit in quite some time...with top boats all going in clockwise fashion and done by 1:30 (educated guess)

    David comments:
    We went clockwise and finished in 57 minutes. it was pretty quick. I think we left some time on the course because we purposely did not use our largest jib and we got a little slow on the way to Alcatraz, but from Little Alcatraz through the finish we used our A1 and never really got slower than high-teens. Very fast ride from there to the finish.

    Full Gallery of selects at:
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