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A 10 Day Slog Across The Pacific Aboard Orion


  • A 10 Day Slog Across The Pacific Aboard Orion

    Mikey "Polish" Radziejowski was aboard the Mod 70' Orion for it's return delivery to San Francisco after it took line honors in the 2023 Transpac Race. The trip took a bit longer than anticipated with a major detour thanks to a dysfunctional NPH not cooperating with the game plan. Here are some of his words and photos from the voyage:

    "Well that was one of the most difficult sailing experiences I have ever had, both physically and mentally. What was supposed to be a 6 day rip across the Pacific on a Mod 70 turned into a difficult 10 day upwind slog back from Hawaii. With the weather shutting its door on us, the pacific high imploding, and a boat that does not motor well we were left with no options other than diving south into the trades.

    Luckily once we made it off the coast of California we were lifted all the way to San Francisco without needing to tack, but had to endure 20-30 knot winds and huge wind swell squarely on the nose for 3 days straight. Every wave felt like a car crash in your bunk. Somehow the boat and all of us stayed together. We were greeted with a 35knt blast reach on the last morning. Double reefed and no head sails Pablo showed us what the boat can really do.

    Despite minimal sleep, seasickness, and difficult conditions I am very honored to have been given the opportunity to sail this marvel of French engineering across an ocean with some of my best friends. A huge thank you to Hogan and Pablo for making it all happen, as well as Austin, Cam, and Ev for sharing in the suffering. I can't imagine trusting and doing this with any other group of guys."

    "Also big shout out too Ash and Hippie James for meeting us at the dock with pizza and cold beer. Exactly what we needed after all the freeze dried and cup of noodles

    These are the very few photos I was able to take when it was dry enough to bring out my phone."
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