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Raven Flies Into Uncharted Waters


  • Raven Flies Into Uncharted Waters


    Early sailing trials for the foil-assisted Baltic 111 Raven have been described as ‘very successful’ as the super-lightweight sloop showed impressive reliability and reached sustained speeds in the high 20s during 10 consecutive days of sailing off Baltic Yachts’ head-quarters in Jakobstad, Finland

    The revolutionary superyacht, the first sailing yacht of her size and type to use hydrofoils mounted on adjustable side arms to support a high percentage of her displacement, will be handed over to her owner during October completing a successful two-year build and trials period.

    images : Dan-Erik Olsen and Tom van Oossanen

    Baltic Yachts undertook an exhaustive weight saving programme to ensure that Raven’s displacement hit target, a critical factor in the success of the project. The yacht is fully fitted out below with advanced carbon composite components and the yacht’s structure incorporated into the accommodation, resulting in a stunning example of interior design.

    Henry Hawkins, Baltic Yachts’ Executive Vice President said:

    Raven’s performance has so far lived up to expectations with clearly more to come. We are delighted with the result of a very effective partnership comprising the foil team, rig suppliers, sail makers, structural engineers and the build team here at Baltic, who have brought this complex project to fruition. Trials to date have been both highly promising and very successful, but this is only the first step.

    Raven has been sailing under full main and a triple-headed sail plan comprising a Code sail set off the bowsprit, jib and staysail, enabling her to take advantage of her foiling ability. She is designed to sail on her chine with the leeward foil supporting a large proportion of her displacement. Her transom remains immersed and is fitted with trim tabs which can be used to alter fore and aft trim.

    Photographs show Raven sailing in moderate wind and sea conditions at speeds in the high 20s. With initial sailing trials in Finland virtually complete the yacht will be prepared for her transfer to a location which will provide the conditions to take testing, training and performance development to another level.

    Raven’s sailing team is being managed by Klabbe Nylof with experienced offshore sailor Damien Durchon skippering the yacht. They have assembled a pool of sailors with high-performance sailing experience upon whom they can call, supported by a shore-based technical team managing Raven’s ongoing development.

    The yacht’s overall concept, including the interior and exterior styling is by Finn Jarkko Jamsen, whose disruptive thinking in superyacht design matched the owner’s desire for a stylish, quick, day-sailer superyacht with the ability to undertake high-speed offshore passages. Naval architecture is by Botin Partners and structural engineering by PURE Design in New Zealand, both of whom are at the leading edge of the latest America’s Cup foiling technology. Leading the Raven project is the highly experienced Garth Brewer of A2B Marine Projects.


    Concept: Jarkko Jamsen

    Naval architect: Botin Partners

    Exterior and interior design: Jarkko Jamsen

    Structural Engineering: PURE Design and Engineering

    Owner’s project manager: Garth Brewer, A2B Marine Projects

    Manager Raven Sailing team: Klabbe Nylof

    Baltic Yachts Project Management: Sam Evans, Mattias Svenlin
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