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Paul Oliva


  • Paul Oliva

    PAUL OLIVA is best known for writing the San Francisco Chronicle's "On the Water
    Front" column appearing every other Friday in the Datebook Section. He is also
    chairman of South Beach Yacht Club, a public affairs consultant to government and
    business, and has been an ASA-certified sailing instructor in the San Francisco Bay
    Area since 1999.

    Paul is an avid watersports enthusiast and enjoys sharing his passion with anyone
    who wants to experience life on the water. He owns, actively cruises and races a
    Catalina 310 sloop, which has taken him up and down the California coast and 100
    miles inland to Sacramento. He has skippered a variety of sail and power vessels up
    to 50 feet in Northern and Southern California, the Bahamas, and the Sea of Cortez.
    Although a Sacramento native, Paul learned to sail in 1992 while living in Washington,
    DC. The lessons aboard Flying Scots on the Potomac River in Arlington were a
    birthday present, and launched him toward learning keelboats when he moved to San
    Francisco in 1994.

    Paul is a proud member of the American Sailing Association (ASA), Boat US, and the
    South Beach Yacht Club—where he has served in various roles including currently as
    chairman. He donated time to promote various water events, has represented ASA at
    the massive Pacific Sail Expo and sits on the advisory committee for Summer Sailstice.

    In addition to the Chronicle, Paul’s waterfront writing has appeared in Sail Magazine,
    Latitude 38 and Catalina Mainsheet, always working to share sailing stories and
    photos about West Coast sailing with other enthusiasts.

    Ashore, Paul runs a public affairs and economic development consultancy based on
    his successful career in corporate, government and community positions. He holds an
    MA in International Affairs from the Nitze School of Advanced International Studies
    (Johns Hopkins University), and a BA in International Studies from the University of
    the Pacific. He was appointed by Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke to chair the
    Northern California District Export Council, and serves on a variety of boards and
    advisory committees dealing with international trade, education and economic
    development. He speaks German and Italian.
    March 2010
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