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Giving Thanks in Drakes Bay for a Bountiful Dungeness Harvest


  • Giving Thanks in Drakes Bay for a Bountiful Dungeness Harvest

    Whilst the majority of the Bay Area populace were busy imbibing in post Thanksgiving Mall Abuse, rousing through the refer seeking something which didn't scream left over or huddled in front of the TV viewing college or pro football, Rob MacFarlane and his lady Kristen were enjoying the spaciousness of Drakes Bay aboard Rob's Nelson Marek 45' " Tiger Beetle.

    They arrived at Drakes late Saturday in thick fog and located a USCG mooring via radar and soon thereafter jumped into their dink with the single Flex-O Fold crab pot and got busy:

    "The plan was to head up to Bodega on Thursday but the storm front had just blown through leaving behind what looked to be a nasty cross see and lots of wind, so instead Kristen and I headed up that way Friday morning and it was gorgeous out there (though very little wind). I have a Flex Fold (very cool design) collapsing crab trap from up north (purchased it on San Juan Island, I think they are made in Canada), and we set it up Friday in Drakes Bay outside the marine protection area - so a bit of a dinghy ride from the anchorage out to where we'd set the pot. With a turkey neck in the bait bottle, down it went, and next morning pulled it up loaded with crab (exceeded our 10 critter limit, so some went back into the water)."

    all images courtesy Tiger Beetle

    "We set again Saturday night and pulled Sunday morning, another big pile of crab - more than we could store in the cockpit cooler so a half-dozen went back over the side and we were loaded! Kristen loves crab (I don't eat them but do enjoy watching them), so she spent two hours carefully cleaning out one crab, which she cooked up with pasta and sauce and had a fine meal."

    "Also picked up a very interesting rock crab (he went back into the water), he has lots of short heavy spines on the carapace perimeter - I need to go look into my invertebrate book to sort out which one he was."

    "Turns out we came back with more crab than would fit in Kristen's freezer, and then we ran across Cinnabar and wondered if they like crab - turns out they do! And Kristen was kind enough to donate some tasty critters to the cause."

    ************************************************** **********

    The commercial crab fishermen finally left the docks yesterday after a 2 week hiatus and should be available as early as late today at the usual spots, Pillar Point, Fisherman's Wharf and Bodega Bay,and shortly thereafter in markets Bay Area wide.
    However if you have the time and the gear, a jaunt up to Drakes and the smug satisfaction of enjoying a meal you have harvested yourself among friends just can't be beat!

    Some tips on cooking and cleaning the crustaceans

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