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  • Leg Two Complete

    Leg Two Complete

    Many of you might recall David Rearick and Class 40' Bodacious Dream from the Atlantic Cup
    a while back, David has been busy completing the 2nd leg of his solo around the world circumnavigation, having just arrived in Wellington New Zealand this morning. A bit of overview on David's "Bodacious Dream"

    You can see Dave's itinerary HERE Some excerpts from...
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  • Living The Dream

    Living The Dream

    Embarking on a adventure isn’t as easy as pulling on your boot straps and heading out the door. It takes time, consideration, preparation, planning and a fair bit of risk. When we first set out to sail around the world we expected isolated beaches, mellow climates, unknown surf breaks, and women in grass skirts singing us to sleep with their ukeleles. We didn’t think about the lulls, the doldrums, the terrifying storms, the dishonest and thieving people met from time to time, or being stuck...
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  • Beetle Voyage Continues: Seahawks, Turtles, Flying Rays and Boobies Abound

    Beetle Voyage Continues: Seahawks, Turtles, Flying Rays and Boobies Abound

    It's been a good couple of days here on board Beetle. Liem was able to email over the wiring diagram for stand-alone mode operation of the Ample Power SAR V2 alternator regulator, which didn't look very much like how I had the unit wired to work when controlled by the Emon II unit - I'm glad I didn't try to rewire it based on the SAR V3 wiring diagram that I do have. After rewiring and doublechecking everything, I fired up the engine and the alternator started kicking out tons of power - 6...
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  • Beetle Report: San Gabriel Cove with Kristen

    Beetle Report: San Gabriel Cove with Kristen

    And Kristen enjoys a sunset from atop her beanbag chair 'Fred'. The wind is from the SW in this image, so she's looking away from the island with La Paz some 18 miles off to port.

    "Kristen arrived in town a'la La Paz style, as in via planes and tour busses and a lengthy walk down the boardwalk to the marina; after a brief run-around to do the hunter-gatherer thing including a late night charge around La Paz in search of Ley's in Chuck and Kathy's rental car...
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  • Coromuel Winds Are Interesting

    Coromuel Winds Are Interesting

    Tiger Beetle's Rob MacFarlane returned to his Baja adventure after a 2 week siesta back in the states and continues
    superb writing and photos, ride along HERE! Good morning - I arrived in Bahia San Gabriel Wednesday evening, and today it's Friday morning. Each day we've had the expected North wind blowing down the Sea of Cortez (northerly breeze), and each evening we've had what are called Coromuel winds in the area, and they are an interesting localized wind that reverses direction ...
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  • The Unknown Sea: A Voyage on the Salish

    The Unknown Sea: A Voyage on the Salish

    Set sail with Orion's crew as they voyage to the heart of the Pacific Northwest’s newly named inland waterway. Glide over and dive under this vibrant ecosystem on this month-long sailing journey. This expedition to learn about the historical, political and ecological factors that went into the recognition of our newest inland sea creates a sense of place highlighting some of the most iconic species and seascapes of the Salish Sea ecosystem. The Unknown Sea a Voyage on t...
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  • Back To La Paz

    Back To La Paz

    And this is how cows travel in Baja these days. This cow isn't particularly plump, but it was happily chewing away on hay or alfalfa or something in the truck bed as we pulled up in our shuttle, then passed on by. I was expecting to see a cow or two on the road, but I did not expect to be sharing the road with one at high speed.
    Back in La Paz – it’s 2014 January 6, 2014 by rob macfarlane I'm back in La Paz following a two week trip to Arizona to be...
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  • Mexican Red Tape Effect

    Mexican Red Tape Effect

    Richard Spindler of Latitude 38 expresses his feeling on new laws and enforcement for cruisers leaving their
    boats unattended at Mexican Marina's....

    Is Mexico Committing Nautical Tourism Suicide?

    December 20, 2013 – Mexico
    (Click on the p...
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  • Beetle Catches A Boat

    Beetle Catches A Boat

    Didn't do too well in the fishing department as in I apparently was only practising fishing all day today whilst dragging the lure behind. However, this evening here in the anchorage at Balandra Cove I managed to hook an entire large ketch-rig boat. I'm down below at the nav station working with Photoshop to assemble a series of images into a panoramic view when there is a BONK and the boat shakes slightly. I think, 'Panga attack!' and hop on deck... only it's not a panga at all, but rather...
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  • Photo of the Month

    Photo of the Month

    This photo from Veselin Malinov on the National Geographic Photo Of the Day Contest exemplifies Mother Nature's raw power and will on a lighthouse on the Portugal Coast...
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  • Dances With Penguins
    by Photoboy
    Paul Cayard sheds the racing bib and puts on some snow shoes as he chills out in Antarctica and will be providing some highlights along the way: Day 4 of our Antarctic adventure-Position 64S x 62W. Our general itinerary is to travel southwest to the Arctic Circle, 66.5S, through the Palmer Archipelago along the western coast line of the Antarctic Peninsula. Yesterday we cruised down the Gerlache Strait and overnighted at Melchior Island. Since our departure from King George Island...
    01-16-2019, 10:31 AM
  • Hot Tub Tours
    by Photoboy

    Leave it to Amsterdam to come up with the optimal way to relax while touring the city. 2015 will see the initiation of Hot Tub Tours, and you can buy your own HERE!

    Full Article ...
    12-02-2014, 04:38 PM
  • Tis The Season To Light Up The Night
    by Photoboy

    Yes, Virginia, there will be illuminated boats a plenty this year! Time to ply away from the hustle and bustle,
    the frantic shopping and whatnot that can suck the joy out, and get a mug of good cheer and
    enjoy some of the spirit of the season!

    All images courtesy Fred Fago Clicky A partial listing of all the Lighted Boat Parades coming to a waterway near you! Feel free to add listings in your neck of the woods no...
    12-02-2014, 11:58 AM
  • The Road Less Traveled: Playa el Coyote
    by Photoboy
    A different type of adventure, As Ruben and Robbie join friends Tim and Ramie as they delve into setting up a 2nd homestead in Playa el Coyote in Baja California. They have arrived and begin a 6 month labor intensive working vacation... My primary role while traveling down Mexico-1 to our favorite place in the Baja is that of navigator. This may sound crazy, as there is really only one road down. I spend a lot of time scouting for vados (dips), ganados (cows), topes (bumps) and curvas ...
    11-13-2014, 02:40 PM
  • Sweet Tea's Southbound Sojoun
    by Photoboy

    Robin & Ruben Gabriel have loaded up the wagon with their Moore 24' Sweet Tea in tow and are headed
    south to Bay of Conception south of Mulege BCS for 6 months of sailing, fishing and diving the sea of Cortez !

    They will be updating on a semi regular basis and we look forward to their reports! Sounds like some crazy good,
    low profile, good times on a budget!

    10-30-2014, 09:00 PM
  • It's Pronounced "Gourde On"
    by Photoboy

    Many celebrations of all things gourde this tim of year, but one that has a very nautical bent, the Damariscotta Pumpkinfest and Regatta, in where else, Damariscotta Maine, presents differnt way to get your "Gourde On"

    10-12-2014, 10:02 AM