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  • Beetle Arrives In Turtle Bay

    Beetle Arrives In Turtle Bay

    Rob MacFarlane exited the Port of Ensenada earlier this week and began his sojourn towards Baja in earnest, the quick haul out and formalities with the Mexican authorities no behind him, the real cruising has begun! It's been a busy week and Rob has been keeping his Blog up to date regularly, so heres a week worth of Beetle-Mania all in one post

    You can follow the voyage from the beginning HERE !
    Well, the first overnight (or over two nights, actually) hop across Baja Mex...
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  • Beetle Back In The Water

    Beetle Back In The Water

    It is Thursday evening (Turkey Day) and Beetle is back in the water at Ensenada, currently on a side-tie to the docks owned by Baja Naval. There is a fair surge running here, which means the boats are pulling back and forth on the dock lines as the wrap-around from the swell outside the breakwater moves through the harbor in a fairly subtle way. There are no waves in the harbor, yet we bounce around rather than stay nicely still in the center of a slip. It's also funny to here the crackling of...
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  • Happy Thanksgiving From Rio

    Happy Thanksgiving From Rio

    Pro Surfer Maya Gabeira is healing nicely from her accident a few weeks back surfing the largest
    waves ever surfed by a woman, at the notorious break of North Canyon in Nazare Portugal. While some argue
    over the record setting stats of fellow Brazilian Carlos Burle, we are just thankful for the nice shot Maya send us
    from Rio de Janeiro!...
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  • Ensenda Arrival

    Ensenda Arrival

    Beetle pulled into Ensenada just after 4pm, with some breeze filling in from behind as we arrived, just in time to make docking just that little bit more interesting. Breast lines are a good thing, far more useful than fore & aft dock lines. The harbor is roughly rectangular and there is a gigantic national flag of Mexico flying over the harbor, with Baja Naval's docks and boat yard just to the north of the flag - which makes actually finding Baja Naval rather simple as all you do ...
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  • Monday Morning In Avalon

    Monday Morning In Avalon

    The latest from our southbound buddies on the Tiger Beetle as they slowly make their way south along the California Coast
    on the NM 45/Tiger Beetle

    In this chapter we find that friends have arrived in Avalon and Beetle can stay two additional days: This morning the telephone rang and I woke up to answer it in hopes that it was the harbormaster from the Sheraton Marina in San Diego; turns out it was an even better caller: Ben and Lucie on their bo...
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  • Sunday Morning on the Mooring

    Sunday Morning on the Mooring

    All the moorings that I am aware of (at least in Avalon) are privately owned, and the one we are on is no. 142 for boat La Vita Dura. And it's available for sale, according to the list maintained by the harbor patrol. For a mere $530,000. At a daily rate of $39, we worked it out would take 37 years of being here every single day to break even on the mooring. It must mean that the owner both has an incredible amount of money, and a great desire to never be told that there is no mooring available f...
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  • Baja Bound Beetle

    Baja Bound Beetle

    Rob MacFarlane, his lovely lady Kristen and crew have exited the hustle and bustle of city life aboard Tiger Beetle,
    a N/M 45 IOR two tonner circa 1983 which has been short hand sailed both offshore and near shore for its entire existence,
    we will tag along with Rob's South Bound adventure as long as he keeps up the blog!

    "Greetings from aboard good ship Beetle! - we are making super time down the coast headed for Santa Barbara (nice marin...
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  • Where is Tara Tari?

    Where is Tara Tari?

    One of the least covered sailing adventures of the past year, the adventures of Tara Tari, a traditional
    fishing vessel from Bagladash and the adventurous young lady who captains here in an epic voyage, albiet
    all reported in French.

    The journey of Capucine Trochet and Tara Tari. This little boat is a boat fishing in Bangladesh tradition and was built using a composite fiber jute. In 2010, Tara Tari sailed from Bangladesh to France. Since 2...
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  • Kiting The Bar

    Kiting The Bar

    Photographer and kiter Erin Loscocco is never short on adventures, the most recent was a ride out to the SF Bar during one of the largest long period swells the West Coast had seen in a while, immediately below is Erins account and further down is John Tesmar's.


    On Sunday the day after the Mavericks contest John Tesmar of and myself decided to head out to the SF bar early in the morning to try to get some kiting in using...
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  • Mavericks Invitational in Slow Mo

    Mavericks Invitational in Slow Mo

    Last weekend, Chris MacAskill, Ivan Makarov, Kevin Harrington and Michael Bonocore from SmugMug were invited to shoot the Mavericks Invitational Big Wave Surf tournament from a boat cruising right off of the famed - and dangerous - Mavericks surf break, a world-famous big wave break located one-half mile off the coast of Half Moon Bay, California. Armed with enough photography equipment to make @Borrow Lenses jealous, the team came away with footage of some of the wo...
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  • Dances With Penguins
    by Photoboy
    Paul Cayard sheds the racing bib and puts on some snow shoes as he chills out in Antarctica and will be providing some highlights along the way: Day 4 of our Antarctic adventure-Position 64S x 62W. Our general itinerary is to travel southwest to the Arctic Circle, 66.5S, through the Palmer Archipelago along the western coast line of the Antarctic Peninsula. Yesterday we cruised down the Gerlache Strait and overnighted at Melchior Island. Since our departure from King George Island...
    01-16-2019, 10:31 AM
  • Hot Tub Tours
    by Photoboy

    Leave it to Amsterdam to come up with the optimal way to relax while touring the city. 2015 will see the initiation of Hot Tub Tours, and you can buy your own HERE!

    Full Article ...
    12-02-2014, 04:38 PM
  • Tis The Season To Light Up The Night
    by Photoboy

    Yes, Virginia, there will be illuminated boats a plenty this year! Time to ply away from the hustle and bustle,
    the frantic shopping and whatnot that can suck the joy out, and get a mug of good cheer and
    enjoy some of the spirit of the season!

    All images courtesy Fred Fago Clicky A partial listing of all the Lighted Boat Parades coming to a waterway near you! Feel free to add listings in your neck of the woods no...
    12-02-2014, 11:58 AM
  • The Road Less Traveled: Playa el Coyote
    by Photoboy
    A different type of adventure, As Ruben and Robbie join friends Tim and Ramie as they delve into setting up a 2nd homestead in Playa el Coyote in Baja California. They have arrived and begin a 6 month labor intensive working vacation... My primary role while traveling down Mexico-1 to our favorite place in the Baja is that of navigator. This may sound crazy, as there is really only one road down. I spend a lot of time scouting for vados (dips), ganados (cows), topes (bumps) and curvas ...
    11-13-2014, 02:40 PM
  • Sweet Tea's Southbound Sojoun
    by Photoboy

    Robin & Ruben Gabriel have loaded up the wagon with their Moore 24' Sweet Tea in tow and are headed
    south to Bay of Conception south of Mulege BCS for 6 months of sailing, fishing and diving the sea of Cortez !

    They will be updating on a semi regular basis and we look forward to their reports! Sounds like some crazy good,
    low profile, good times on a budget!

    10-30-2014, 09:00 PM
  • It's Pronounced "Gourde On"
    by Photoboy

    Many celebrations of all things gourde this tim of year, but one that has a very nautical bent, the Damariscotta Pumpkinfest and Regatta, in where else, Damariscotta Maine, presents differnt way to get your "Gourde On"

    10-12-2014, 10:02 AM