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Charal Secures 2nd !


  • Charal Secures 2nd !

    Jeremie Beyou second and a trio in ambush

    Jeremie Beyou, the skipper of Charal is the second to have crossed the finish line, this Friday at 4:42:35 p.m. He completes the race in 5 days, 02 hours 02 minutes and 35 seconds, 15 hours, 15 minutes and 05 seconds from Apivia. Three new arrivals are expected on Saturday morning: those of Louis Burton (Bureau Vallee), Isabelle Joschke (MACSF) and Nicolas Lunven (Banque Populaire) who will thus complete the 'top 5' of the Guyader Bermudes 1000 Race.

    Beyou, on the podium from start to finish

    The last time Jeremie Beyou set foot on land following a solo race, it was at the Vendee Globe in January 2021. A very special journey during which a return to land from the very first days had forced him to set off again at the end of the peloton and gradually move up the fleet. Upon his arrival (13th), relieved to have ended it, Jeremie wanted to bounce back and quickly. Since then, he has not left the podiums: 2nd in the Fastnet, 3rd in the Transat Jacques-Vabre and therefore 2nd in this Guyader-Bermuda 1000 Race this Friday afternoon. A more than deserved result, especially since he never left the top three.

    He had to resist rough seas and strong winds from the Fastnet, gusts of more than 45 knots towards the Gallimard waypoint, then this long soft zone from which he managed to extricate himself, being the only one, with Charlie Dalin, to take an almost direct route. After going up to the Isles of Scilly, Jeremie therefore returned to Brest at the end of the day. The skipper thus offers himself his 8th podium since 2019 and can now turn to the Vendee-Arctic-Les Sables d'Olonne with ambition.

    Friday and Saturday, anything goes

    Now, eyes are now on a trio: Louis Burton (Bureau Vallee), Isabelle Joschke (MACSF) and Nicolas Lunven (Banque Populaire). The first offered himself a 'remontada' (14th on the 1st day, 3rd now), the second - with an identical boat to last year and a reinforced bow - never left the 'top 10', the third impressed for his first solo race in Imoca. Banque Populaire is therefore the first drift boat to complete this Guyader Bermudes 1000 Race, a great reward after having been continuously at the head of the fleet.

    Louis, Isabelle and Nicolas could arrive in the port of Brest during the day: the ETAs announce them within a range of 7 am until the end of the morning. Then it's Benjamin Dutreux (Guyot Environnement), Giancarlo Pedote (Prysmian Group), Damien Seguin (APICIL), Conrad Colman (Imagine), Benjamin Ferre (Benjamin sends the glitch), Arnaud Boissieres (La Mie Caline) and Eric Bellion (Commeunseulhomme) who were expected in the afternoon.

    The two who bring up the rear, Antoine Cornic (Ebac) and Denis Van Weynbergh (Laboratoires de Biarritz), should finish this Sunday. Finally, it should be noted that Thomas Ruyant, who suffered a broken part in the steering system, is expected at the port of Lorient in the evening.

    The words of Jeremie Beyou (Charal), second in the Guyader Bermudes 1000 Race, on his arrival in Brest:
    “It was a very intense race! The conditions were very varied. We had everything with fast tacks, maneuvers and contact especially with Thomas (Ruyant) and Charlie (Dalin). When everything goes down on arrival, it's really weird. Like everyone else, it was my first solo race since the Vend?e Globe. I was eager to find the solo. The benchmarks quickly returned to the starting line even though I struggled a bit to find the speed on the first legs. Afterwards, there wasn't much to think about because the other two (Charlie and Thomas) were putting on the rubber! Charlie has again signed a great victory, a big congratulations to him! Me, I 'hit' in the boat and in the man to the maximum to stick Charlie but it was not enough. I'm also disappointed for Thomas, he deserved better! Soon, it is the Vend?e-Arctic-Les Sables d'Olonne. It's nice to be part of a championship that is clocked as currently. With the team, we know what we have to do to quickly get the boat back into service, go back to training and try to be better in June. I'm happy with this second place but it's not the one I'm looking for! ?

    Charlie Dalin: “the feeling of being in a state of grace”

    Around 3:00 am, on the night of Thursday to Friday, the skipper of APIVIA moored at the pontoon and was able to savor the victory. He then looked back on his race, mentioned this boat which "always surprises him" and is already thinking about what's next, a month away from the Vend?e-Arctic-Les Sables d'Olonne.

    How did you feel crossing the line?

    I feel happy, happy to have won this race. It was really intense! From the start, it went well for me. I managed to take the lead straight away before a good fight with Thomas (Ruyant) and Jeremie (Beyou). I had an all-nighter the first night to recover from the southwest wind. Then the wind picked up and I attacked and pulled hard on the boat to go as fast as possible. During the 2nd night, between the Fastnet and the Gallimard waypoint, I was able to sleep, especially since I knew that the following night was that of the front. And the third night, with the sail changes and maneuvers, I didn't sleep. Afterwards, there was the ascent with this dorsal which helped me a lot and closed the door behind. "The year couldn't have started better"

    How do you describe this race and your feelings?

    This Guyader Bermuda 1000 Race went extremely well. I felt like I was in a state of grace the whole race. It was as if all the elements came together. I had a reliable, high-performance boat that I know inside out. In the weather, I managed quite well and I always had a bit of success when needed. This is my first solo IMOCA victory of my career, the 4th on the program since 2019. The year couldn't have started better!

    Do you feel like you've changed since the last Vendee Globe?

    I feel a real difference since I crossed the line in Les Sables d'Olonne. I had learned a lot and I now feel extremely comfortable in the management of the boat and the manoeuvres. I know immediately what to change as settings to go faster. In my sleep management too, it has nothing to do. I feel like I'm not the same sailor anymore and I feel that I have a lot more experience. Don't forget that the last time I was alone on this boat was at the finish of the Vend?e Globe. At the Guyader Bermuda 1000 Race, when the team left the boat at the start, I found myself on my own again. And the solo, the fact of managing its maneuvers and its rhythm all by itself, that's what makes me vibrate the most. I really enjoyed this Guyader Bermudes 1000 Race. “This boat still surprises me”

    We feel a lot of emotion in you...

    Yes, because it's a victory, because that's the reason for our work, because that's why the team fights every day to make the boat progress. They give themselves without counting all around me so that we go faster, that we determine the right settings and that we find the solutions to move forward. The work has paid off and I owe this success to a great team that allows me to have such a reliable and efficient boat.

    What were the fun times during this race?

    There were plenty! I would quote the departure since it sometimes happens to me to miss them. I am also thinking of the passage of the Fastnet: there were people on the lighthouse and I greeted them. Last night, I was under Code 0, the boat started surfing and managed to maintain a very high speed… This boat, even though it's the 4th year that I've been sailing on it, it still surprises me. There was around ten knots of wind and he manages to stay thirty seconds at 17 knots! I thought to myself: this boat is crazy!

    How do you view the rest of the fleet?

    There was a good fight with Thomas (Ruyant), Jeremie (Beyou) and Nicolas (Lunven) during the first night. It reminded me a bit of the Figaro years when we fought in the transition zones wondering who would recover from the wind first. Then the fleet stretched and the gap widened.

    What is your program for the coming weeks?

    From next week, we will start preparing for the Vendee-Arctic-Les Sables d'Olonne which starts in a month. It's going to be the biggest chunk of the year when it comes to physical engagement. The major objective is the Route du Rhum, but the toughest race will be “the Arctic”!

    CHART https://www.guyaderbermudes1000race....udes-1000-race

    Words from the edge 05/13
    Benjamin Ferre (Benjamin sends the glitch): "Friday the 13th, a lucky day"

    “Friday the 13th. I always said to myself that it was necessary to decree that it was a lucky day after all! It was really intense last night going to tack very close to the coast in the middle of the Spanish fishermen. I was able, moreover, to appreciate the impeccable Spanish of ?ric Bellion in full discussion on the VHF with a fisherman. When you think that we went to Ireland and Spain and that we didn't even stop to drink a Guiness or nibble on two or three tapas… For my part, I'm starting to get really burnt out. I'm trying to keep up the pace, but let's say that the gearing and the maneuvers in IMOCA are a bit different from the Mini 6.50, that's for sure! I'm going to try to get some sleep so I'm ready to get back on the canvas as soon as things go soft! ?

    Guirec Soud?e ( “ A bit like a child ”

    " I feel good. I feel exactly where I should be. I am a bit like a child. Everything is going well on board. There are options to do but before choosing them, I don't necessarily have the right answers. I'm testing. Sometimes I think it could work a little better. I am far from having answers to all the questions that I can ask myself. I can't wait to get back on land to talk about it with my team but in the meantime, I'm in the package with four super boats, four foilers. It's already super cool. At the start, I was a little more at the back of the fleet and I saw that I could pull the boat a little more and manage to manage. That's good, but I haven't arrived yet. The main thing is to get the boat back. I'm tweaking some settings to see what happens. In fact, I should have taken the IMOCA user manual with me. I only sailed ten days on this type of boat before the race. It's still not a lot. However, I will not complain. It's still great to be where I am. I am happy. Strongly that I exceed one or two and I will be even more! (Laughs)”

    Antoine Cornic (EBAC Literie): “I hope the killer whales will leave me alone”

    “Last night, it was quiet, with the boat under pilot, upwind. I did not do much. There, it's a little more humid and the wind is getting stronger near Spain. The boat hits. I've already taken in a reef but who knows… I'm going to attack the cargo rail north of the DST and there will be a lot of people as usual. I have a little thought for my killer whales from the transat... I hope they will let me pass in peace this time. It's funny, but it stuck with me. ?

    Arnaud Boissi?res (La Mie C?line): “ Spanish Sleepless Night”

    “Everything came together to have a lively night and it was. I crossed a succession of freighters on the Ouessant - Cape Finisterre axis. I got sidetracked for one. Once the freighters passed, it was the fishermen who appeared! I must have come across about fifteen of them. On the VHF, it only speaks Spanish. Yo tambien (well not too much). In short, I moved away from two who were fishing and did not seem too maneuverable. After all that we had to tack and take buckets of water outside while moving the sails. Once everything was done and tidied up, I was able to make myself a tea and enjoy the sunrise. I managed to take a small advantage over Eric (Bellio) and Benjamin the glitch. I had, for a while, Conrad (Colman) within AIS range then he disappeared, but the Kiwi is not far away. The front two aren't either. The last sprint will be tight and strategic. We will give heart to the work to finish well. I plugged in my alarm clock to do three 20-minute sleeps before noon. Kudos to Charlie, he's on another planet. ?

    Pip Hare (Medallia): “ Perfect for gauging yourself ”

    “The change of pace was radical yesterday. After the frantic activity of the previous three days, I was finally able to focus on the details and try to really understand Medallia. To understand what it needs to be fast and stay that way. Since I overshot the Gallimard waypoint last night, I've been racing close to Fabrice Amedeo then Alan Roura. For much of the morning I could see them on the horizon or on the AIS, and that gave me a real opportunity to gauge myself against them at speed. This "speed test" was a good performance indicator and will allow me to work on specific points. I thus collected invaluable data.

    One thing is certain, in this fleet, if you have a little moment of inattention, even for a very short time only, you pay cash. Same thing if you make a small mistake. Because of this, even when I'm sleeping, I can't afford to lose momentum. I play on autopilot a lot. From time to time, I take the helm. I run Medallia forward as fast as possible and try to analyze my own bar movements so I can program this response pattern into the driver. I look a lot at the average performance of my boat and I compare it to that of my opponents.

    Like the rest of my rivals in front of me, I continue my route off Spain. Now I'm heading north across the Bay of Biscay. There are reports floating around about a dumped cargo of wood in the water. Louis Burton encountered boards earlier today. I'm surprised these are still there because when I was ferrying from Portugal over two weeks ago I passed Sam Goodchild on board his Ocean Fifty who he warned me of this problem . The ocean has not dispersed them yet. There's not much I can do anyway. The radar doesn't pick them up and I can't really keep a constant eye on what's ahead of him, so hopefully I don't encounter any. ?

    Conrad Colman (Imagine): " A battle like a dinghy "

    “It's a real battle like on a dinghy! The situation is complicated, for me in any case. Since our tack off Cape Ortegal, Benjamin Ferr? and ?ric Bellion have been on my heels. In such cases, it is always better to be a hunter than a hunter. The 24 hours of racing are going to be very stressful. I hope to have an opportunity to get back to the East to close the gap with my two main rivals in order to be able to play on equal terms with them in the last miles. These last miles promise to be interesting but also very tiring. I'm probably going to arrive shattered, but I really want to succeed in giving the best of myself and of the boat to the end! It's my challenge and it's a good challenge! ?

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