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The 2022 Ditch Run : A Quick Fun Run In The Sun


  • The 2022 Ditch Run : A Quick Fun Run In The Sun

    106 boats registered for the 31st edition of the 65 nm run from Richmond to Stockton in the
    31st edition of The Ditch Run. ( the original name) otherwise referred to as "The Redneck Transpac"

    With an intensive heat spell in the central valley in the days before the Saturday June 11th start, combined with
    an approaching late season weather system dropping down from the northern Pacific, the forces meshed perfectly
    to produce on of the better warmth plus wind events in some time. Toss in a strong flood lasting well into the afternoon
    and you can't ask for much more!

    At stake, along with division placements, possible line honors, and just a whole lotta fun, were the possible record runs for multi and mono-hulls, the current records:

    Monohull Record - 05:34:58 "Octavia" Santa Cruz 50 Shep Kett
    Mutihull Record - 03:57:46 " Rocket 88" Serge Pond

    Winds were brisk at the start, combined with sunny sky's, a generous flood that pushed the fleet eastward at seemingly ridiculous pace.
    Layers were soon shed, sunscreen applied and ear to ear grins emerged as fleet traversed San Pablo Bay into the Carquinez Strait before
    a fast run across Suisun Bay as winds freshened. The right turn at New York Cut leading into the San Joaquin and the ditch proper!

    David Schumann's Seacart 31' Bottle Rocket would devour the miles and take line honors yet fall short of overall record!

    Bottle Rocket
    Finish 15:16:49
    Elapsed 04:46:49
    Corrected 06:51:10

    Pete Spaulding's Moore 24 Flying Circus would claim the 21 Boat Moore 24 Division

    Flying Circus
    Finish 17:44:12
    Elapsed 07:24:12
    Corrected 07:13:37

    Some excerpts from some of the boats:

    Get Happy
    Finish 17:34:44
    Elapsed 07:19:44
    Corrected 07:24:04

    2022 Ditch Run was an awesome race - super fun, crazy fast and very competitive. Brendan Busch, Chris Davison and me onboard Get Happy! - 62 miles for the earliest finish we can recall, 5:15PM, or so. We just managed to hold off at the finish Julia Paxton in Motorcycle Irene, who we were within a stone’s throw the entire race. Third place went to Greg Felton on Under the Radar. It’s always such a pleasure to sail with Brendan and Chris - Get Happy indeed.
    John Verdioa
    E-27 Get Happy

    66 miles, 6.5 hours, over 100 jibes, second boat\first monohull to finish, first boat out of the water, all excellent! Except for running aground and missing the ONE actual mark of the course . Well, guess I'm going to have to come back and do it again next year! Thanks Duane Yoslov and Caleb Yoslov for the good times.
    Ian Sloan
    Melges 24 Looper

    Ditch Run 2022 great day for it. Shot ourselves in the foot early and were quite deep at the first bridge. Played catch up after that to a respectable 7th in a tough fleet. Thanks to my crew Matt Lezin and Karen Loutzenheiser.
    Chris Watts
    Moore 24 Watts Moore

    Split Water finished her first Delta Ditch race yesterday a little bruised. But warm weather, consistent Flood, great friends & hard working crew and gusty conditions made for fine day.
    Mark Howe
    J-88 Split Water

    Mark and Andrei Voropayev's SC 27 Kasatka on way to SC 27 Division Win!


    3rd Delta Ditch was the best one yet- big breeze = early finish, first in class, and of course happy baby on board. Nothing is better then seeing papa and baby so stoked cruising up river
    Rachel Voropayev
    SC 27 Kasatka

    An epic battle in the Moore 24 Division between Penguin and Lowly Worm resulted in a tie for 2nd!

    Lowly Worm and Penguin

    Pretty epic slide down the Delta for the annual redneck Transpac. Can't believe that after 65 miles of racing we would tie at the finish. All day long we were locked in an epic battle with my boss. A truly awesome Stockton vacation with the Admiral.

    Mikey Radziejowski
    Moore 24 Lowly Worm

    Marcos McGee's Just A Hare won the Wabbit Division

    Just A Hare
    Finish 17:28:32
    Elapsed 17:18:32
    Corrected: 07:25:03

    Scott Sellers J-70 IFA Takes the J-70 Division

    Finish 16:57:49
    Elapsed 06:52:49
    Coreected: 07:07:25

    Manfred Schmiedl's Melges 24' Brio would claim Melges 24 division

    Finish 16:44:06
    Elapsed 06:39:06
    Corrected 07:15:11

    For some, finishing with their rig intact would have been a major plus!

    Can o' whoopass



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