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Mighty Merloe On A Clipper Cove Beach Break


  • Mighty Merloe On A Clipper Cove Beach Break

    The ORMA 60 Mighty Merloe was spotted beached up in the lee of Yerba Buena early this week, creating quite a bit of speculation as to the reason.

    The now owner of the former Franck Cammas's Groupama 2 is now the property of Donald Lawson, an African American sailor with high aspirationsfor the trimaran...

    Hello everyone! We had no idea so many people around the world were following us and making assumptions about the boat being abandoned and failed! The boat is fine! Awesome shot by the way! We pulled the boat up - intentionally to make repairs on the under hulls, bow and rudder after hitting something at high speeds in San Francisco. The after picture ironically was going to be the picture I posted today showing the first repairs done!

    I am glad so many people care! We have a couple more fixes that won't be done until the weekend but She is better now and I don't know if it was marine life or trash in the water. If you would like accurate information about what's going on, DM me! Cpt Lawson

    Day 2 Report: After the easy, quick repairs yesterday, we have done an complete walk around of the boat. Glad to confirm that 2 of the hulls are in great shape! The whatever we hit - hit the starboard hull first then hit the main Rudder which kicked up on impact. 2 areas need repair which includes the starboard bow. For many who were concerned about the beaching of the boat, I have included some images to show the mud the boat is sitting on.

    Yes it's dirty but when we scouted a beach to pull up on, this was the clearest and less likely to have a surprise! And they were right on. They even gave me a target to aim for to keep the bows - particularly the starboard one clear and off the bottom. The main-hull - which is the strongest of the 3, is holding the boat - plus a bow line to a rod they have had here probably for decades.
    I canted the rig to port to help lift the starboard hull up and also since it is the hull still with most of its Aft in the water.

    I am hoping to have things cleaned today and prepped for the weekend work. The tides here work like clockwork with low at 630am and mid day high around noon.

    Big shout out to everyone from around the world who checked in on me, my wife and the boat! The love and concern is appreciated! And big shoutout to my wife @journi11seas who is helping coordinate the repairs! DM me if you have any questions!

    Stay warm! Cpt Lawson



    Dark Seas Project Announces Acquisition of Record-Breaking Trimaran!
    Former Groupama 2/Mighty Merloe new Record ORMA 60 for Captain Donald Lawson

    San Diego, CA, April 8th, 2022: The Dark Seas Project today announces the acquisition of the ORMA 60 Trimaran, Mighty Merloe for their record and education program. The ORMA 60 was acquired from the sailing team owned by Mr. Howard Enloe.

    The Mighty Merloe is currently in possession of a number of sailing records including the Transpac Yacht Race where the team completed the course in 4days, 7hrs, 3mins and 30seconds.
    "We feel blessed and fortunate that Mr. Enloe and his team had built this boat up to where she is now. Even when she was winning racing for Franck Cammas as Groupama 2, she wasn’t this fast!" Cpt Lawson noted.

    Captain Lawson and his team at the Dark Seas Project plan to conduct an “West Coast Tour” with the boat where they will visit sailing centers, yacht clubs and school teaching about DE&I opportunities in the maritime industry as well as environmental benefits clean energy systems provide.

    “No system out there is perfect, but the goal is to try and do things in the cleanest and safest way possible while still achieving your goals. That is why we are focused on developing systems that will allow us to prove you can be successful while also being smart”. Cpt Lawson added.

    Captain Lawson also serves as the current Chairman for US Sailing’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee. Although his work to help diversify the sport is well known, he believes he can do more. Cpt Lawson added: “When I started, I didn’t have a role model in the sport who looked like me. I hope that through my work, we won’t have the next generation go through the same. I want to leave the sport better than I found it”.

    Captain Lawson and his Dark Seas Project will announce the upcoming West Coast Tour schedule, & locations soon. If you are located on the West Coast and would like Captain Lawson to visit your center, please contact him here:

    Be sure to follow Captain Donald Lawson and his program using his social media pages: &
    Captain Donald Lawson
    Dark Seas Project
    35 South Liberty Street, Box 220
    Delaware, OH, 43015

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