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A Quad Of Ultims Ventures Out Into The North Atlantic


  • A Quad Of Ultims Ventures Out Into The North Atlantic

    Top start for Finist?re Atlantique -
    CHILDHOOD ACTION Challenge Good weather, beautiful sea, and light airs.

    This Friday the conditions are almost perfect on the magnificent lake of Concarneau for the start at 1 p.m. sharp of Finist?re Atlantique - Challenge ACTION ENFANCE. Only a few knots of wind are missing to allow the four Ultims to take off and express all their spectacular potential. But, in the light south-westerly flow which sets the tempo, the 25 sailors who have accumulated exceptional records nevertheless give a fine demonstration of their art of racing aboard these giants of the seas.

    At the sound of the gun, the quartet of trimarans, tightly grouped, set off in perfect timing, to the point that it was difficult to discern which of them crossed the line first. Maneuvering crews busy themselves in the cockpits. Quickly, the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild fends off the cardinal Basse Jaune des Gl?nan in pole position. But its advantage remains very relative to the start of this great triangle across the Atlantic which begins to tack. In the next few hours, the crews announced that they were preparing to head west towards the Iroise Sea, to seek more favorable winds behind a front.

    If the race promises to be fast, it is indeed with small strides and a detour to circumvent an anticyclonic bubble well installed on the Bay of Biscay that it begins. From next night, the rhythm will accelerate frankly. The downwind descent will be rapid towards the North-West Iberian point where the wind and the sea will very clearly strengthen according to a weather scenario which foresees the whole range of conditions over the more than 3,100 miles of this course across the Atlantic. , via the Canaries and the Azores.

    They said to the pontoon:

    Charles Caudrelier (Maxi Edmond de Rothschild): “This course in a large triangle will be very interesting, with moves to be made, more in detail than in the major options. Seven days of offshore racing is a bit of a sprint, but it's also a transatlantic race with our boats. This race will allow us to really measure where the competition is, especially since we will be sweeping all the angles and all the strengths of the wind up to 30 knots. Last year, we still had a boat that had a small advantage over some in terms of use. But the level is rising. We expect a tight game. We have been working together for three years on the basis of quarters of two. Everyone helms, everyone rules.

    Erwan Israel and Franck Cammas who will route me on the next Route du Rhum and take care of the navigation. For my part, I will focus on performance. And for the start, Franck will be at the helm, he's the best for this exercise! ? Thomas Coville (Sodebo Ultim 3): “The first hours will be very calm. We would have dreamed of showing the boats flying in the bay of Concarneau, this will not be the case. But on the other hand, when we hit stronger winds, we're going to set off on a great toboggan descent to the Canaries, which promises to be fabulous in a four-man confrontation, with boats whose potential has become much more uniform. We all want that. We descend downwind before coming back upwind while tacking, with most of it in flying mode. This is the first level of competition that the class wanted to succeed by creating an Ultim event which punctuates major events such as the Transat Jacques Vabre or the Route du Rhum. We will operate in floating shifts. Only Philippe Legros, the navigator and head of the routing cell on the next Route du Rhum will be off watch. "

    Armel le Cl?ac’h (Banque Populaire): “We will have between 7 and 10 knots at the start, but that will speed up during the night depending on the options. It's not super clear yet. There will be a match from the start to reach Cape Finisterre. We are all looking forward to getting into the race. We sailed a lot this year with Banque Populaire to test the modifications made to the boat this winter. The others also worked hard. We are eager to measure the pluses and minuses. The race will allow us to make a real inventory of the competition that we will find in a few months on the next Route du Rhum. Sailing as a crew will allow us to really pull the boat. To be 100% all the time. We're going to play for the win, but we know that opposite we have feared and formidable competitors, in particular the Gitana Team boat, which has won everything in recent seasons. It is up to us to show that we have made good progress. We will operate with two quarters of three. I will share the responsibility with S?bastien Josse and I will also be in charge of the weather and the strategy. For maneuvers, we will all be on deck. "


    Yves Le Blevec (Actual Ultim 3): “At the start, in 10 knots of wind, the boats will sail at 100% of their potential
    under full sail. The conditions will probably not allow flying, but it will be racing. It is clear that we will go quickly in the big descent. We should reach the Canaries in two and a half days. On the other hand, the ascent upwind will be more laborious, that's the game! We are all in good shape and very eager to leave.
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