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July 14th Up Date: Pyewacket On Final Approach, 1/2 Point Achieved By All but One


  • July 14th Up Date: Pyewacket On Final Approach, 1/2 Point Achieved By All but One

    Entire Fleet

    Alaska Airlines

    Pyewacket70 8AM Thursday: 23 03n 156 23w
    Final (hopefully) 8am position report.. and importantly, final drone flight of the race. Kyle has just launched and its time to hustle on deck to watch his bird's death defying feats in the tropical dawn...after a beautiful moonlit night coming in hot... we averaged over 21.5kts for over 5 hours straight. Such an amazing boat.. great crew and a bit of a sad moment to think this could be the boat's final approach to a Hawaiian Island finish line as Pyewacket70. Onwards!


    FW: City Lights position:

    Adding some color to our position report from this morning after some additional sleep.
    Team City Lights is in the trade winds this morning feeling refreshed after a memorable halfway party last night.

    Our Party Captain (Brooke) started our Halfway festivities right at sunset with a witty and heartfelt recap of our first 1035 miles, which we toasted with Prosecco and a touching tribute to our skipper (Aaron) for his tireless efforts to prep the boat, navigate under challenging technical difficulties, and assemble an amazing crew that has really gelled and banded together. King Neptune made an appearance, lecturing us Pollywogs with stories about how he became a Shellback (Andy), and was very soon joined by King of the Crossings (Brendan), who is excited to teach us how to surf when we actually have swell. We opened the boxes that were stowed by our loved ones and found thoughtful notes, some glow sticks, and....?

    Goslings Rum:
    Kahoots Position July 14: Lat 29 Lon 144
    We have a new staff writer, I think you'll get some better content from her...
    From flying fish to finding that the thing staring at you was actually just a squid in the traveler and the discovery that a jib top makes a pretty comfy seat. we are all becoming one with the boat... and with that said boats don't sleep. found that tension can be fixed with a peace offering of a cup of coffee and a handful of M&Ms.

    0800PDT Position Report - Freja, 29 21.433N, 145 38.097w
    Freja update: Waking up to the smell of cinnamon rolls this morning 3D bliss. We've started rotating bunks so everyone gets some 'big sleeps' in the Kapuah Suite vs 'wobbly sleeps' in general population. The grumblies have receded.

    Pearl Position Report July 14: Pos: 29*43N 143*47W
    Hit our halfway at around 12ish PDT yesterday. Celebrated with some Rum (only fitting for our class :P), Spam wraps and a few gifts (namely some fresh boxers, a few of the guy's were getting crunchy)! By the end of the day we were <1000 miles to go, feels great to get that number to under 4 digits. We've been seeing a lot of flying fish, we even had a little 2/3 incher find himself in the middle of our cockpit early this morning. Eric saw a dolphin under the full moon last night. Had the kite up all day. yesterday which felt awesome!
    Pearl Crew

    Wildcard Position 0800 PDT Thursday July 14: Wildcard 29 2.092n 144 4.653w
    The YB had a low battery condition
    For a charger we went a fishin'
    Thanks to an old GoPro
    Our family will now know
    What exactly is our position.

    Athena Position report 14-July-2022: 29deg 06.246N 144deg 02.383W
    Over the last 24h conditions have been quite good. We chased Kahoots around for a bit last night, following their stern light for quite some time. Sadly we did run out of peanut m&m's, the best way to continue grazing off watch, as well as to randomly customize the color plan of your sails.

    Lodos text report: Lodos update 7/13
    Hoisted a kite yesterday and haven't looked back since. Seeing nice breeze up to 20 knts but with a disturbed sea state that still makes driving a chore sometimes. Everyone is just glad to not be reaching for the moment and trying to live with a constant 20* heel.
    Had to back down a few times and are seeing an increasing amount of junk, so sad...
    We had a visitor sometime yesterday, little squid hopped up on the aft deck and got stuck under a spinnaker stacked there. Finally left us a little ink mark when he was found and released, we are just going to consider that good luck.
    Everyone is a little tired today with tough driving conditions requiring some focus, but the A2.5 is behaving beautifully and top speeds records continue to fall, Ev has the lead currently.
    Fresh food is running out as we finally passed the halfway mark today. Everyone agrees the favorite meal was Sarah's pork and ramen, with a second helping reserve

    Weems & Plath
    Soup position 7_14_22: 08:00PDT 29 09.7N/145 12.2W
    Quite the night, rain and no rain, squalls that helped and hurt, big wind to next to no wind, lots of jibes, fun times. Writing this as we hit 22 knots TWS, a proper nav station might be nice vs. the J/105 holding on while sitting on a Yeti cooler - how do the Moore24 folks do it?!

    Concussion check in 7/14: 0800 position: 29deg 05'N, 144deg 39'W
    We finally got the pole squared back early morning yesterday which made everyone happy, and there was much rejoicing. We picked up a squall for about an hour shortly after daybreak, which made everyone even happier and rejoicier. So far the only boat issue we've encountered has been the speed transducer giving up the ghost, which makes sense since it's the only transducer we didn't replace before the start... We figure it put itself out of it's misery after that first week.
    We had our halfway party on the 12th, activities included opening gifts from Lori on Hang 20, Amber on Limitless and Jocelyn of Sea Star. Lei's, rum, baby wipes, hot sauce, chocolate, etc. And there was much rejoicing. The crew was particularly enraptured by the rum, much to my surprise.
    - Nick

    Escape Artist had been running merrily along at 100% until 7 pm yesterday, when speed went abruptly down to about 70%, with the bow digging in. After a series of back-downs, heave to's, camera-in-the-water, and to-swim-or-not-to-swim? crew discussions, we are proceeding at about 80%. Crew morale could not be better under the circumstances. Position currently 31.199255N 142.691633W at 8.73k on a good day. Please save us a Mai Tai.
    Escape Artist

    North Sails
    July 14 Position Report - Total Eclipse: 29 57 N/143 30 W
    Even though Total Eclipse and crew hit the halfway mark mid-afternoon yesterday, we combined our celebration with amazing paella for dinner. The surprise hits of the gifts were bubble gum (some crew members had not blown a bubble in many years) and gummy bears (damn those are good)! A new sound was added to the night watch symphony - the crackling of the gummy bear packaging as crew members raided the stash in the middle of the night. So much so that the bag was banished to the cockpit for the remainder of the night.

    Dash, Thursday POS: Aloha, our 0800 position today was at N29-41 W142-34.
    We keep hearing stories of how hard the fishing's been. On board Dash, we don't have any special lures or even any fishing gear and we've already caught three fish! Well, rather, they caught us. They even have wings! Must be "Joe's" fly cousins from overseas.
    Halfway, check. Bit of scotch and a tasty Irish/Scottish dinner. Now, are we there yet? SOOO ready for a Mai Tai, hope we make it there in time for one.
    Ken and Steph
    Loki check in: 27 08.173N, 141 35.341W
    They say the adventure doesn't start until something goes wrong... Yesterday our cruising kite blew up so we are now pressing on with a poled out 88% self tacking jib. Very rolly and slow going indeed! Needless to say, we might not make the Luau.
    We do have an A2, but our pilot has not been able to reliably drive a wind course. With only two on board we are too exhausted to hand steer long watches so we haven't used the big kite.
    To add insult to injury our grand midway steak dinner had to be aborted when the supposedly frozen filet mignon had a distinctly spoiled aroma. Luckily our vacuum packed cooked food is more sturdy and we were able to enjoy an excellent salmon, rice and asparagus meal.
    On the bright side our midway appraisal of water stores allowed for long showers all round.

    Surprise! - July 14: Surprise! 07/14/2022 0800PDT, 28 03N, 142 34W
    We crossed 1,035 nm to go at 1115 yesterday morning and celebrated after lunch. Connie and Lori provided big boxes of gifts and goodies for us to to open and enjoy. These were creative and most appreciated. This time the See's Candy pieces in Bob's box were intact. The half-way box for his last Singlehanded Transpac included a box of See's candy with each piece cut in half - the other halves were provided in Kauai!
    As Lucie did with others in the fleet, she asked us to remember Ben as part of our voyage. This was done later in the afternoon.
    Surprise! is now pointed at Kaneohe with wind and seas expected to increase through the day. We're looking forward to seeing everyone.

    Ocean Navigator
    RageBoge position report: 30d18.245N,141d56.75W
    Update: Fatigue is impacting the crew specially the last 24 hours with lots of wind shifts that needed everyone's attention. On the bright side, the small asym is fixed and pulling us again forward. Thank you Andrea for the extra night shifts to sew it back together.

    Azure 8:00 Position Report: 29.01 N and 146.27
    Azure and crew do not normally fish while racing. This morning a flying fish hit the cockpit right next to the on watch helms person, causing a great scream. After several unsuccessful attempts to help the fish overboard, the wayward pilot was released to chase another boat.

    Sacagawea position report: 0800 PT lat 29 51.49n lon 141 21.66w
    All is well on board. On number finally came up and we caught some fishing line but did not have to do the trash dance to remove it from the rudder and were able to get it off with some early morning boat yoga. We blew out our A3 spinnaker yesterday beyond repair at least on the boat so we are trying to drive a little more conservatively. Halfway mark earlier today - celebrating with pringles and pineapple sangria - Hawaiian style.

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