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July 15th Updates And Whatnot


  • July 15th Updates And Whatnot

    Ocean Navigator

    Galatea position 7/15: on July 15, at 8:00 AM PDT, 27d 21m N, 145d 44m W
    After careful consideration, the crew of Galatea is now striving for arrival _before_ the Luau. Our most recent calculations show arrival near the start of the Luau would incur too steep a reentry angle back to civilization risking burning up. Instead, we seek arrival in time to "pre-luau", thus easing our transition. We humbly request of Neptune a safe and timely passage to Kaneohe.

    Duende 0800 position report: 27 49.06n 147 42.2w
    What a night! surfing towards Hawaii under a full moon, what could be better? The spinnaker net is saving our behinds just enough to prove we're trying. Hooked a fish yesterday afternoon, but it managed to rip the barb off the hook and escaped. That makes 3 lures lost or damaged and no fish landed. Hoping for better luck today.

    Azure 8:00 Position Report: Azure July 15th 0800 position: 27.21 N and 149.02 W
    As of this writing it's 591 miles to Mai Tai's, woohoo!

    Sacagawea position report july 15th: Lat 29 14.85n lon 143 42.9w
    All is well on board. A beautiful night of sailing - even got to see a few stars! We are getting a lot of practice in with our gybes.
    Celebrated halfway w pineapple sangria and pringles and other fancy snacks at the watch change and shared an ample portion with Neptune.

    Surprise 28098 position report: our 8am position was 25 47.6 N x 147 57.9 W
    We crossed gybes a few miles from 'io yesterday morning. It was so wonderful to see and talk to friends so far from land!

    Dash, Friday: Aloha, our position as of 0800 was N28-21, W144-25. After four days without seeing a single ship or racer, we finally crossed with a freighter and then ghost sailboat Puffin (no lights, no sighting, no radio response--just AIS at 2 miles out at 2am). We continue to chase the lighter winds. Hope we make it there for at least one day of Pac Cup fun!

    North Sails

    Good morning, SV/Limitless, position/ 26.48.23 N. 146.38.42 W Some squally condition this morning! - Shawn Ivie

    CHANCE - Position-Report--15-Jul-22: 15-Jul-22 0800 -> N28 28.0 W146 35.1
    It's Rush-Hour out here trying to get in lineon the GC-Route to the Finish - after you
    no - after you - no I insist - after you! NO ROOM - don't go in there!
    Drag Race from here - hope our Gear holds-up

    Weems & Plath
    Soup position 7_15_22: 08:00PDT 28 58.7N/147 25.8W
    Second night coming back together within 1.5mi. and having a nice chat including comparing freeze-dried dinners with the double-handed Eskorin, not quite close enough to throw them a bowl of soup (and would be outside assistance?! )

    Goslings Rum

    0800PDT Position Report - Freja, 27 13.541n, 148 17.883 W
    Yesterday evening, we turned on our navigation lights and just a few minutes later we spotted the green tri-color light of a sailboat coming at us. At first we weren't sure who was going to cross who, but we ended up coming out in front -- by less than ~50 yards. We shouted obscenities at each other, like "your mother was a hamster, and your father smelled like elderberries", and our bowman dropped his trousers. Wolfpack's crew appeared rather confused. (jk, we exchanged friendly waves and cheers). We never expected to be crossing so closely to another boat this far out in the ocean.

    Athena's position at 0800 on 15-Jul-2022: 28deg 10.578N 147deg 05.403W
    We just had our first significant squall at 0600 this morning. Continuing to nurse our A2 while we make our way down to K-town, we will see if it's more sail repair tape than material when we arrive, right now it has that grandparent with missing dentures look.
    In spite of that, and the lack of peanut m&ms, yesterday was a nice run, good music, good food, good fun. Still trying to find that half way cafe thing that was mentioned at the skippers meeting...
    Crew is happy, things are good. We are hurrying because we can hear that mai tai, some cold poke, and a shave ice calling.

    Pearl Position Update July 15: Pos: 28*36N 146.21W
    Squall-topia last night. Skipper Eric was assaulted in the face by a flying fish, the fish was recovered and released unarmed. Moving along bit by bit.

    Lodos text report:
    BIG NEWS! we sailed on port gybe for a few hours, everyone forgot which way was up or down. Thankfully we are back to starboard and up is up and down is down again.
    More disorientation, our russian muscle, turned photographer, held the speed record for all of yesterday into this morning. Fortunately up is up again and the non-boat owner onboard quickly stole the record back this morning.
    We finally saw enough breeze this morning to justify giving big red, A2.5, a break after more than a day, or was it 2, of being up. We hoisted the yellow A4, now dubbed 'Mellow yellow.'
    The boat is getting messy, but no more funk to be found. Welcome party be warned....
    We had our halfway celebration yesterday with dark and stormies, sponsored by Gosling's rum. Well Ev's was as the only one brave enough to spike his with all the heat we've had. It made us all quickly question the stereotype that russians can handle their liquor...
    John man


    Hamachi July 15 Position Report: 24 8.0N 151 0.1W
    Updates: The "French Revolution Watch" had a wonderful Bastille day yesterday, and was treated to a great surf session in front of a squall line. Boat speed records were set and broken with "The Godfather" topping the charts with a 22kt burst in a 23 kt puff ripping down a wave.

    In other news, Hamachi has had a nagging steering issue as a result of repeated back downs that got worse yesterday. The wheel had been getting stiffer and stiffer and we've tried all methods to lubricate the bearing, which has included body soap, WD40 and soy sauce (now termed bearing sauce). Around noon it nearly froze up completely while bombing downwind in spicy conditions. We called all hands on deck to check the various elements (again) and we opened up the binnacle to find the steering line had jumped the worm drive and was wedged between the drive and the housing. We struck the kite and continued under full main and stay sail with the emergency tiller while

    Alaska Airlines

    Pyewacket70 25mi report: posn:21 48.294n 157 28.181w 25nm to finish eta;1110 HSt
    As previously stated, though we would love to come and join the party at KYC, our draft of 18' precludes us from enjoying the party there.. so we will be headed immediately to Honolulu as planned and previously arranged. We have 13 crew members aboard
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