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San Francisco A-Cup Village Site Possibilities Examined


  • San Francisco A-Cup Village Site Possibilities Examined

    America’s Cup Village Venue Possibilities

    The petite yet suddenly powerful Golden Gate Yacht Club, just yards away from the StFYC

    With a decision originally slated for the Summer on if San Francisco will Indeed host the 34rth edition of the Cup and any challenges prior, we’’ take a closer examination or the possible candidates and their pluses and minuses.
    Weeks after the Cup was secured in Valencia, wild-ass speculation ensued with finally a SF Chronicle report indicated that the Mayor’s office had been in talks with BMW Oracle and the list of candidate were quoted as follows
    “The city is looking at various locations, including Treasure Island, Fort Mason, Pier 17, on the northern Embarcadero, Piers 30-32, near the Bay Bridge, Pier 48, which is just south of AT&T Park, and Pier 80, a container ship pier at the foot of Cesar Chavez Street."

    Out of those 6 choices, 3 have been virtually eliminated, Fort Mason, Pier 17 and Treasure Island:

    *Fort Mason: Too much there already, it's owned by the GGNRA, and with strong currents and wind, it's not too user friendly. It’s buildings house plenty of existing offices, halls and restaurants, including the GGNR offices themselves. No unfettered dock space to haul out vessels. While in close proximity to the Golden Gate Yacht Club and very close to proposed sailing areas, it really was a nonstarter from the beginning.

    *Pier 17: ( No Photo) Located just a few blocks northwest of the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero, while geographically ideal, a contract was recently signed by the Exploratorium to lease the location, remodel and move the science/educational museum there.

    *Treasure Island: A just released set of plans for the manmade island ½ way between SF and Oakland indicates that the city and developers have already laid plans for the islands future, and none of it included a Cup Village. Access is terrible, with no real mass transit. Plans are already underway for new marina, and the cove is filled with lead from years of artillery practice, which would require bundles of investment and a lengthy EIR. Larry Ellison’s company Oracle holds its annual company celebration on the island every fall in the approximate location where a village could have lived. If only the Cup was won a couple years earlier.

    Piers 30-32: Located just south of the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge on the Embarcadero, It’s still in semi usable condition, although some structural work would be needed. While it's possible to squeeze in a village there, it would eliminate immediate parking and it lacks any utilities. The city has just spent bundles revamping the Embarcadero and may be inclined not to tear up the very busy throroughfare again. Revamping estimates via city council run in the $50 million price range. It also is a money maker for city as is, utilized as a parking area and is very popular during events held at nearby AT&T Park

    Pier 48 is right across McCovey Cove from AT&T Park. It’s too small and would adversely affect the Giants, especially parking wise. It also is currently housing a tractor tug operation.

    Pier 80 is further south, approximately 2 miles from AT& T Park. It is in a fringe industrial neighborhood but has the most real estate and warmest weather...It's piers are still in decent shape. The area just north has enjoyed a massive facelift and is becoming the biotech capitol of the Bay Area. A light rail has already been installed that runs right past it. The area is already on the books as part of the continued economic redevelopment moving slowly south along the city’s eastern flanks. Although it does a minimal amount of freight cargo, it's insignificant and could be routed elsewhere

    Also still in contention is the City of Alameda; the city council wasted little time in suiting BMW Oracle with its willingness to provide a venue. The former Naval Air Station offers near perfect existing infrastructure and a deep water port, almost tailor made for a village. It’s West End location is about as close as you can get to San Francisco without getting wet. It’s major drawback is it's not San Francisco and is off the beaten path. It lacks the cosmopolitan panache that most of the other venues can offer, and would most certainly require a ferry service route to become feasible

    While there has been direct mention from Mr Ellison himself that he desires a location without a substantial tow to the course, most of these south of the Bay Bridge location would not meet the criteria for a central bay racing course, the South Bay has not been ruled out as a contender. We’ll discuss those options at a later date.
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