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  • Te Rehutai Back In The Stable

    Te Rehutai Back In The Stable


    Auckland - 21st March 2023

    Te Rehutai, Emirates Team New Zealand’s 36th America’s Cup winning yacht is set to return to the waters of Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf just over 2 years since the last time it was sailed for the final race of AC36.

    The team’s AC75 emerged from the shed after a long hibernation on Monday for a series of rig and dock checks encompassing a mix of old and new. Visually...
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  • NOR For Round The World Solo Ultim Race Relaeased

    NOR For Round The World Solo Ultim Race Relaeased


    They will potentially be seven "Giants of the Seas" setting off from Brest, with a solo skipper on board, who will attempt to complete a circumnavigation of the world from West to East, via the 3 capes (Bonne-Esperance, Leewin and Horn ). A human and technological challenge carried by the sailors of the Ultim 32/23 Class accompanied by their owners and partners.

    Some of them have already completed...
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  • Reunited Fleet Now In A Tight Race

    Reunited Fleet Now In A Tight Race

    On Saturday it seemed as if the race couldn't get any closer. By Sunday morning UTC that was proved wrong.

    Today, all four teams are lined up on a 13 mile line extending north to south, but separated by less than 3 miles on the leaderboard. All this after three full weeks of racing.

    The reason for the close racing remains a stubbornly persistent ridge of high pressure and its light winds that is
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  • The Fleet Compression Continues

    The Fleet Compression Continues

    Steady progress towards Cape Horn
    As four IMOCAs march past the halfway point of leg 3 in southern latitudes, GUYOT environnement - Team Europe starts sailing towards Brazil to rejoin the next leg...

    Team Holcim PRB retains its lead on Thursday, as the fleet compresses to within 100 miles.

    As per the forecast yesterday, the leader is slowing slightly and the trailing boats are nibbling into the lead, but little has changed
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  • The Solo Maitre CoQ Turns 20

    The Solo Maitre CoQ Turns 20

    As planned, at 12:08 this Thursday, the big race for the 20th Solo Maitre CoQ kicked off off Les Sables d'Olonne. The 30 Figarists in the running then set off for a 340-mile loop between R?, Yeu, Belle-Ile and the Rochebonne plateau, propelled by a south-easterly breeze blowing between 12 and 14 knots. It was in close ranks, led by Alexis Loison (REEL Group), that they then began their descent towards the Ile de R?. Where, shortly after the overflow of the Baleines lighthouse, the...
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  • AMHAS Takes Final Leg Honors While Dutch Claim Overall In Globe 40

    AMHAS Takes Final Leg Honors While Dutch Claim Overall In Globe 40

    Off Lorient, Brittany, the Dutch crew on SEC HAYAI made up of Frans Budel and Ysbrand Endt, crossed the finish line of the 8th and final leg of the GLOBE40 at 19:41 UTC this Wednesday. The Anglo-American crew on AMHAS, Craig Horsfield and Oliver Bond, preceded them at 15:05 UTC after 19 days at sea. SEC HAYAI’s second place in this leg gives the crew the outright win in this first edition of the GLOBE40, whilst AMHAS posted her 3rd line honours. Ultimately then, just two...
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  • Perfecting The Nose Dive In Pensacola

    Perfecting The Nose Dive In Pensacola

    Some days on the journey to the America’s Cup are just plain hard and for the New York Yacht Club American Magic Team, Tuesday’s session was a stop-start affair with long stints of foiling brilliance clouded by a few rare errors thrown in to remind everyone that sailing on the ragged edge of control is hard.

    Having started the day with a long systems check as the team brought new, unseen tech into
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  • A Fast And Furious Big Daddy Pursuit Race

    A Fast And Furious Big Daddy Pursuit Race

    Frank Slootman's Mod 70' Snow Flake was out practising Sunday, the former Beau Geste, Phaedo3 and Fonica has a storied history and set many records!


    Snow flake will be competing in the California 500 Offshore series in May

    The boat in the foreground, was abandoned the last weekend of January, and was traversing the area when she went aground.

    ( pictured Jeremy Boyette's...
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  • 4 In and 4 Retired In Cabo Race

    4 In and 4 Retired In Cabo Race

    Tuesday morning's tracker display show the the Mod 70's, Argo and Orion finishing
    Monday afternoon early evening with Argo claiming Overall Line Honors and Orion arriving almosted exactly 2 hours later. RIO 100' claimed 1st in Mono Hulls, crossing the finish at 08:31 Tuesday, with an elapsed time of 2Days 19hours, 31minutes and15 seconds.
    Westerly is now in at 09:51 and claim division E 1st place honors

    It appears the Hollywood Down Under, Ramble On and Saga will join Reinrag
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  • The Battle To Remain Ship Shape In The Southern Ocean

    The Battle To Remain Ship Shape In The Southern Ocean

    Repairs and racing along the ice limit

    The race continues while each team battles to keep boats operating in racing trim

    Following the distribution of points at the scoring gate on Sunday, teams are now consolidating their positions and working through job lists to keep the boats in racing condition.

    On Monday evening, 11th Hour Racing Team revealed the latest challenge for their crew to overcome - a badly torn mainsail, along a load-bearing
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  • Back In The Atlantic, New Challenges Await
    by Photoboy
    Cape Horn In Rear View, Challenges Ahead

    After passing Cape Horn and escaping the south, the big weather challenges haven't quite ended for The Ocean Race sailors yet.

    The leading pair - Team Malizia and Team Holcim-PRB - found themselves in what Malizia's Will Harris called some of the most challenging weather of the leg when they turned north. Gale force winds and sharp, confused seas....
    Today, 10:43 AM
  • Team Malizia Concurs Cape Horn 1st, Holcim PRB 2nd!
    by Photoboy

    Team Malizia first boat at Cape Horn!
    The German team led by BorisHerrmannRacing passed the iconic landmark at 16h 23m UTC in an elapsed time of 29 days 4 hours and 8 minutes.

    Team Holcim - PRB second boat at Cape Horn!
    The Swiss team led by Escoffier Kevin passed the iconic landmark at 17h 40m UTC in an elapsed time of 29 days 5 hours and 25 minutes.

    Boris Herrmann's Team Malizia lead fleet around Cape Horn
    The German team rule the south,
    03-27-2023, 01:03 PM
  • Stirring It Up In St Thomas
    by Photoboy
    Privateer, Blitz, Flying Jenny, Lady M, Bill T & FiDeLa Class Winners @ 49th St. Thomas International Regatta

    St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Smart starts. Minimal mistakes. Fast finishes. These are among the successful strategies of class winners at the 49th St. Thomas International Regatta (STIR). Nearly 50 yachts, racing in CSA handicap and one-design classes, spanning from 24- to 70-foot vessels, and with skippers and crews hailing from the Caribbean, USA,
    03-27-2023, 10:59 AM
  • The Southern Ocean Bares Her Teeth
    by Photoboy

    After 48 hours of building wind and seas, with gusts over 40 knots and waves approaching 7 metres, conditions are starting to moderate on Sunday with the IMOCA fleet turning south to squeeze between Cape Horn and the ice exclusion zone.

    The wind is in the 18-22 knot range and the waves are 5 metres and decreasing. That's still plenty of motion on an IMOCA, making movement on board difficult, but slightly better than over
    03-26-2023, 09:44 AM
  • Blasting Towards The Horn
    by Photoboy
    Lining up for the Horn

    Cape Horn is just over 1000 miles away, but they will be hard-earned miles...
    The teams have the end of the hardest part of the longest leg in the history of The Ocean Race in sight.

    On Friday afternoon UTC, the most iconic of landmarks to offshore sailors - Cape Horn - lies just over 1000 miles to the east.

    But those miles won't come easily. Gale force winds and 6-8 metre seas are on the menu
    03-24-2023, 10:36 AM
  • Rough Road Ahead As Teams Approach Cape Horn
    by Photoboy
    Big conditions ahead on the way to Cape Horn

    The weather is forecast to provide one final taste of Southern Ocean conditions on the approach to Cape Horn.

    For 50 years of The Ocean Race, sailors have considered the Southern Ocean leg, the racing that takes place between Cape Town and Cape Horn, deep in the southern latitudes, as the biggest milestone in the event.

    Rounding Cape Horn marks the end of the southern conditions, where deep low...
    03-23-2023, 10:52 AM