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Ode To Mr Fun


  • Ode To Mr Fun

    Members of the Richmond Yacht Club and the sailing community at large have been paying tribute the Dick Loomis aka "Mr Fun" who passed away
    earlier this week after battling cancer in recent times.

    Here are just some of the many, many messages....

    Well my dear friend Mr Fun you have gone from us too soon! While here your sure did a darn fine job of brightening the lives of everyone around you mine included. You were a friend, a fine coach, a great father, and you left us with your two great children in whom I will still continue to see your light for many years to come. I'm so glad I stopped to have a chat with you at the club when you were there having lunch on the club deck not long ago and I will forever remember the fire in your eyes and unflappable joyful attitude of that day and all the days I knew you! Last night we hoisted these margaritas in your name at dinner with our family and gave you a mighty cheers! They weren't as good as a real 'Loomis' from the RYC bar but we think you would approve. Sail on my friend.

    Will Paxton

    An absolute legend. So sad to hear this, but so happy that he will be sailing the endless lifts through the skies. I gave him bread and he helped me rip wood for all my projects. Dick was always a breath of fresh air with the best hugs and endless positivity. He always had my back and will miss this man dearly. Keep on keeping on Mr. Fun. ♥️♥️

    Katie Love

    I’m going to miss you, you were my supporter, my words of wisdom, and the best... I cannot put it into words how you changed my life.

    Jillian Humphreys

    💙I have been so sad about the passing of our friend, the incredible Mr. Fun, also known as Dick Loomis. I have to say thank you to this wonderful person. He is the man standing in the middle of the back row wearing a baseball cap with his hand on his hip....right in the middle, just as he was, always the life of the party. He has been a big part of our community at the Richmond Yacht Club and was adored by our family, friends at the yacht club and most importantly so many children who are blessed to have been taught by him not only how to sail but to make sure to always have fun. When you enter the Richmond yacht club an old sign hangs near the entrance that says “this club was built for fun.” That says it all. Mr. Fun was the embodiment of this sentiment and he reveled in it.😎

    My very last memory with Mr. Fun was when I was serving lunch at the club at lunchtime last March, just before the Coronavirus shutdowns, during the break when all the Junior Sailors come in from sailing with their instructors. Parents volunteer to serve lunches and all of the instructors volunteer their time and expertise to teach our children to sail. Nothing significant that day, just his usual smile and banter and off he went to eat lunch with the kids before going back out to finish their day of sailing. You see, that’s just it, he was always there and always happy. And fun. Always. That’s quite a legacy.☀️
    As he walked through a room you could just see the respect and admiration that everyone had for this kind and wonderful person. Mr. Fun will never be forgotten and his joy and spirit will live on forever in our club. We were wearing green lipstick in this photo because Cinde Lou, our Captain, got us all green lipstick for the Big Daddy Race that day because her boat is green.💚 Mr. fun was loved by all and will always be remembered as the giving and kind soul that he was. 💝
    May the wind be always at your back, my dear friend.⛵️💨💨We will remember you always with great fondness.🌹 #

    MarknMarie Shalz

    (5:58 pm) 24 hours. 24 hours since I held your hand and watch you take your last breath. I wake up today with a gaping hole in my heart and the deepest pit in my stomach. I love you always and will miss you forever. You were a great man and the greatest father. Thank you for everything, dad. You and mom gave Jeff and me so much love and a solid foundation to build our lives on. I hope we can continue to make you proud. I hope you and mom are sailing on the Columbia River gorge and please love on Texas Marie for me. 💔

    Kelly Anne


    When I first met Dick Loomis, he was larger than life. Here I was at my first Boy Scout Leaders Roundtable, as a new Cub Scout Leader, wondering what in the hell I had gotten myself into. These crazy, fun and obviously tenured leaders were having an irreverent, sassy ball, and it seemed that they were lifelong friends - and Dick was always at the center of it. I vowed then and there to join that fun. I not only joined the fun there , but got to spend a brief time on the HAT (High Adventure training) team with Dick. When he refinished my floors, and I discovered that Dick was also a fellow Parrothead. I suppose my friendship with Dick was nowhere near what he had with many others but nevertheless, knowing Dick and being friends with him was magnificent.
    The world is a lesser place today. Sail on, Mr. Fun. You are missed.

    Corey Sprott

    What to condolences to Dick’s family and friends. When Julie and I met Dick at RYC, his joyful and helpful personality was so shiny and warm, we both liked him instantly. Even when he was in the hospital he offered me advice! I recently saw him walking with his walker and a few friends at Brickyard Cove Marina and he was still cracking jokes and being wonderful.

    Helen Be

    A tribute to Mr Fun shall be held this Saturday night at RYC during the Snow Moon Sail

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    • Ode To Mr Fun
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      Members of the Richmond Yacht Club and the sailing community at large have been paying tribute the Dick Loomis aka "Mr Fun" who passed away
      earlier this week after battling cancer in recent times.

      Here are just some of the many, many messages....

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