July Cruise Day 29
Sidney to Cowichan Bay and the weekend Regatta

We finally drug ourselves out of SNSYC about 1pm, ostensibly because we where waiting for the tide to change but really it was just pleasant to hang out there and catch up on various items we’d been avoiding. Upon leaving the harbor you have your choice of 3 different small channels in order to make it north towards Salt Spring Island and Cowichan Bay. We picked the middle, not being able to decide which was worse and slowly motored through watching the depth sounder and avoiding the kelp patches on both sides.

We made it through the cut and motored past the main Island ferry terminal before setting our sails for the long downwind run into Cowichan bay.

MacIntosh must have smelled a familiar Regatta smell and decided to get some quick Zzz’s and conserve some energy before the fun at the beach starts later in the evening. We had a great downwind run with the 1.5oz chute up, seeing the wind build into the 16 to 18 knot range, alway’s a fun sail into the building breeze in Cowichan Bay. We set anchor off the Regatta event beach and headed in to the beach to meet up with friends and fellow racers for the weekend.