Here are some boat options that look good to me - there are a ton of boats for sale in our price range (under 10 grand) - these are the ones I have on the short list from afar. The constant debate is sailing ability vs. interior space. I usually lean towards sailing ability - especially since this is for a summer coastal cruise and not for wintering in a marina, offshore passage making and such. But it is hard to pass up interior creature comforts!

Ordered by price, here are some good options for the cruise;

A Soverel 27 for $11000 on a trailer

A C&C 29 for $9500

A Cal 9.2 for $8500

A San Juan 30 for $6900

A Gary Mull Ranger 28 for $6500

A Seidleman 29.9 for $5000

And finally a Hunter Cherubini 27 for $5000

It's gonna be a tough choice!