Amazing, absolutely A’mazing day in Boulder Colorado. The entire town was out and happy Tuesday for the first sunny warm day of the year after 2 weeks of cold windy weather. We searched our bags for the shorts and flips we had packed below our winter clothes and set out for a day of hiking followed by the best happy hour in Boulder - 3pm to close.

First stop on the day was a hike up Mt. Sanitas, an 1800 vertical foot rock hike, almost a rock scramble, in just 1.5 miles to arrive at an amazing peak with a view of the entire Denver Valley to the East and the Rockies to the West. Jennifer, Lori, myself and our two dogs, MacIntosh and Jersey scrambled up the trail trying to figure out how hard we can push in the high altitude of Boulder. For two people used to sea level air pressure starting a hike at 5,000 feet and pushing up to 6800 in 1.5 miles can be a task. With the dogs running ahead, Jennifer and I just stopped and enjoyed the view as we felt light headed or felt a headache coming on. Easy going on such a beautiful spring day.

Once at the top it was time to scramble down the back side, the shady side of the peak, where we found large patches of ice and snow to keep us thinking and sliding down the hill. The dogs had an absolute blast romping along the rocks and playing in the snow and ice. The hike finishes with a mile long gently sloped walk to end its’ loop back at the trail head, 3 miles from the start. The feeling of the sun, at 72 degrees, burning into our skin, our legs burning after the hike and following panting happy dogs was a well earned contentment after our hours driving through the West to Boulder.

The hike over, it was time to get back to the house, change and head on out to the best happy hour in Boulder at The Boulder Cafe. 1/2 price everything from 3pm to close. The three of us sat there eating and drinking and catching up for a good 3 hours, trying out almost everything on the happy hour menu for a total of $46, NICE! We had a great visit with Lori in Boulder