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  • Pressure Drop Explained

    Pressure Drop: A song recorded in 1969 by Toots and the Maytals whichs appears on their 1970 album Monkey Man, "Pressure Drop" helped launch the band's career outside Jamaica when the song was featured in the soundtrack to the 1973 film The Harder They Come, which introduced reggae to much of the world. In 2004, Rolling Stone rated the song #446 in its list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

    Pressure drop is a term used to describe the decrease in pressure from one point in a pipe or tube to another point downstream. "Pressure drop" is the result of frictional forces on the fluid as it flows through the tube

    Pressure Drop: A term used to describe a rapid change in barometric pressure, resulting in increasing winds, which will make your sailboat go faster, within limits. A cool new website where one can chill and maybe learn something new, have some fun and waste some time, without the hate. It has been proven that 7 out of 10 users report a sense of relaxation, euphoria and lower blood pressure after just 1 visit*

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