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Scooter lookes at the brite side............

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  • Scooter lookes at the brite side............

    "Classifides and Home Paige our fieldeng unssualley hie vollume of hittes/clickes overte the paste twenney foire houres, thissis what our sponsceres love aboute Saileng Anarchey. Thay allwayes gette theire monneys worthe!" Schockeng manney with hisse unssualley oppemisstic attittude whille frustratted aanarchistes trito finde releife. Oldere moire experienced poesteres our stunnde at the lack of an emergencey 'chat roome' whiche hase saved the sanitey of dozzens in paste outiages. Severalle poesteres halve beene reached foire commentes; moeste werre to foulle to poeste hearre, a sampelling hase been pervided belowe..........

    Mr Cleans; "I niew thisse wasse gonig to happend, I warnded evereybodey......."

    Bob Perrey; " Waht kinde of fackeng idiotte desinde thisse POS!"

    Meate Wad; :Ainte that juste to badde.............."

    Solo; "I dointe do that shit annymoire"

    AG, etc.; "I thick BJ Portere hase to be helde accountabelle in some waye"

    Snaggletooth; "Oune smalle glitche foire Scootes and oune giante clustere fucjk foire Anachey kinde!"

    Moire to followe................
    sweepe the legg.....

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    Does this have anything to do with the failed March 4 Trump re-inauguration ?
    There has been discussion that the two are related.


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      As the twenney foire hour mark approaches, the hande ringeng becomes moire intensse, an increasse in drickeng hase reportted in key saillleng venues. Severalle keybordes and trackpads suffered irrepairabelle damiage, manney mice halve simpley dissapearred frome existence as anarchistes try to cope.

      Accrimoniuose TikToks our floodeng the web withe conspiritey theorries, oune moire outtraguse then the nexte. Juste to liste fiewe; withe the US Capitol Bildeng bing declaired "offe limittes" by Aflak, Demestic terrorristes maye of targetted established niewes sources to destabilize the sailleng worlde. Whille some thick a certaine Yachte Club (zip code 10032) ist tryeng to keepe a lid on theire teames ellimiunation from compeeteng foire the Americas Cup. The earthe quacke in New Zealande and ressulting tsoonamis maye allso beene caused by teh saime perpettratores as a disstractione. We wille continue to bring the niewes forwarde as thinges devellope.............
      sweepe the legg.....


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        The Great Waste of Time has resumed.