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More Stuff from SW Spain - El Rocio pilgrimage

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  • More Stuff from SW Spain - El Rocio pilgrimage

    first time in ages since I seen them start off from the chapel and their day's walk/horse-ride, drive to El Rocio. This is a pilgrimage that has been continuing since the 17th century. Many cities/towns throughout Andalucia (the southern region) participates and they all start off for El Rocio days before. They take everything they need for and during the trip with them.. water, wine, food, wine, etc. It all climaxes (great choice of words) in a frenzy this Sunday when the virgin statue comes OUT of the church and actually and amazingly gets passed around on hands and heads over the huge crowds in the sardine-packed plaza in front of the church. everyone wants to be there to be "touched" by the Virgin. Babies & kids are literally THROWN towards the statue to have their 1-second of blessing. Though I'd love to go, I realize in that mess of people I'd never get a decent pix and would be continually pushed and shoved one way or another in the sea of hysteria. I am fortunate and happy to catch these types of scenes as they are much quieter and tame, before it gets crazy.