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    gripe (v.)
    Old English gripan "grasp at, lay hold, attack, take, seek to get hold of," from Proto-Germanic *gripan (cognates: Old Saxon gripan, Old Norse gripa, Dutch grijpen, Gothic greipan, Old High German grifan, German greifen "to seize"), from PIE root *ghreib- "to grip" (cognates: Lithuanian griebiu "to seize"). Figurative sense of "complain, grouse" is first attested 1932, probably from earlier meaning "gripping pain in the bowels" (c.1600; compare bellyache). Related: Griped; griping.
    gripe (n.)
    late 14c., from gripe (v.). Figurative sense by 1934.

    Tilapia sucks. Why do people eat it? Now my favorite local spot to get Fish and Chips serves it instead of any of the wide varieties of fish suitable for such. The fish literally is garbage fish. High in Omega 6, low in Omega 3 fatty acids, tastes like what it eats.

    "They're a "garbage fish" in every sense of the word. They can survive in hopelessly polluted environments, they can be bred and raised in garbage cans and, when necessary, can subsist on a diet of other animals' excrement. "

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    Well we humans have annihilated most of the tastier species. We have only ourselves to blame.


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      Catch and release. Eat tofu or chickens instead.