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    Many around the world were mesmerized with the latest video of a 21' long, 8 foot wide, 5,000 lb great white shark named "Deep Blue"
    seen swimming and feeding on a whale carcass near the Hawaiian Islands. And then there was the blonde snorkeler swimming aside
    the massive pregnant apex predator. And then you might wonder, Who Does That?

    Her name is Ocean Ramsey, co founder of, a model, marine biologist and entrepreneur.

    Ocean has worked in the water with over 32 different species of sharks around the world. With an extensive educational and professional background in marine biology and work in the field with a large number of marine animals (focusing primarily on shark behavior and specifics on territorial body language, social hierarchy, and behavior changes in relation to human presense and other external influencers), Ocean’s masters research is the basis for the pelagic program. Ocean has also worked more than a decade as a professional SCUBA (PADI MSDT 10+ Year) free dive instructor (Constant Weight Depth: 175ft. Static Breath Hold: 6:30 min) and professional safety diver for productions and research programs around the world. She is also an instructor for 1st Aid/CPR/E02/AED/HML/WFR/EMT/DEMP, as well as an advisor, trainer, and designer of accident management systems for major corporations with dive programs.

    Ocean is a co-scientific advisor and the safety advisor for the I.S.P, Hawaii Shark Program, One Ocean Research and Diving, and other international programs. Ocean works year round at home in Hawaii and is on board with One Ocean Research and Diving as much as possible. She travels around the world to many other countries every year to other international marine research and conservation programs.

    Outside of work, Ocean's favorite thing is spending time in the water with sharks, dolphins, whales, etc. She loves traveling, surfing, yoga, hiking, running, pilates, and using photography/videography to spread awareness for animals and conservation of nature.

    Her primary life passion is her work in shark conservation. She hopes that through shark awareness and educational programs, based on research and conservation efforts, people will turn the general "JAWS" fear around, wanting to help protect and save these important animals before their small remaining populations are wiped out. She is very proud of Hawaii and loves the opportunity to share its unique cultural ties to the sea and respect for life with visitors through One Ocean Research and Diving programs in association with Water Inspired Conservation and the many other groups she actively collaborates with.

    Sharks on a world wide scale suffer under their reputation as brutal killers. They are close to extinction due to human prosecution. Ocean Ramsey explains why they are a valuable and fundamental part of the oceans´ eco-systems and encourages everyone of us to help saving them... for our own good.

    Ocean Ramsey´s passion sounds rather scary to many of us. She dives with white sharks and is passionate about showing the beauty of them. White sharks are nowaday close to extinction, as they are misunderstood beings suffering under their wrong interpretated nature. Even though sharks are very intelligent and highly helpful in keeping the oceans in a healthy balance by eating ill organisms, they are seen as a danger. It is her goal to generate a better understanding between humans and sharks in order to save them.
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    A braver person than I!


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      Amen to that!


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        She looks like she is about 12' tall in that suit and fins.
        "Honey Badger don't give a shit"