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...Train kept a-rollin....AC train arrives in the Dogpatch

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  • ...Train kept a-rollin....AC train arrives in the Dogpatch

    The train carrying 1/4 of the America's Cup goodies from Newport arrived at Pier 80 this afternoon, with the entire village parts n pieces and syndicate gear. It symbolizes the AC 45' World Series final arrival in San Francisco. The 121 car train left Newport July 9
    and took 2 weeks to get across the US of A. Other cars are still in the East Bay, most will be trucked directly to pier 30-32 and you should start seeing the village appear shortly...

    Not used for over a decade, the arrival of a train on Pier 80 meant some quick
    attention being paid to the tracks...

    Meanwhile the new saddle for the new crane which will lift the 72's sits ready to install.

    Restricted area...sez right there..

    The little crane still employed for the tenders and 45's

    After much adieu, the train hits the station

    I was hoping for Ahnult or Batman or Barry Bonds...

    A short series of speakers then followed

    You SHOULD know this person by now if you have followed the trial and tribulations
    of bringing the cup to SF!!
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