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l'hydroptere's Influence On The Americas Cup

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  • l'hydroptere's Influence On The Americas Cup

    With l'hydroptere DCNS blasting across the SF Bay in recent weeks, effortlessly flying above the water at speeds close to 50 knots, it was just a matter of time before the AC crews started looking closer at her configuration and adopting some of the technology which Alain Thebault and crew have developed since the mid 80s. With that in mind, the syndicate bosses quickly moved to allow a canting daggerboard, and just over on week ago, the AC's Chairman of Measurement Committee Nick Nicholson, moved to allow just that to occour.

    With drawings above you can visualize just how the daggerboards would operate within the rules. One externally and one internally. Just when you thought the speeds with curved daggerboards, l-foils and T rudders was hard to wrap your head around, you have an entirely new premise to consider. The ACRM is may have to reconfigure their course layout yet again!

    Further reading on the subject Sail World Article ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~

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    gorgeous images of her skimming while in SF Bay!! yes, it'd be interesting to see how things progress as influenced by the appearance and speeds obtained by the l'hydroptere DCNS - a fascinating vessel in itself and strange to see it with its own cloud of mist following her