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OK it's now Sunday and clear skies

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  • OK it's now Sunday and clear skies

    so am checking the webcams for any sight of a huge sail and chaseboats (none so far). on the past two days went to pier 30 in hopes of seeing artemis out on the water but no luck. i know the one day i don't check or go to the pier, that will be the day they go out for a sail. here's the sunset clouds taken from pier 27 the day of the oracle greet and meet

    it was an awesome cloud!!!

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    They have yet to sail on a Sunday. Lots of families have relocated to the East Bay and I think Sundays are family and church days.
    Tomorrow looks promising.


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      yea i noticed that about almost all the teams. weekends they tend not to sail and now with the holidays here, even less. thanks though. good to have a place in the east bay i guess! hahahaa did you snap the gorgeous sunset fire clouds over SF on friday from your perch? good luck with your learning to shave!!