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End Of Road For Big Cat # 1

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  • End Of Road For Big Cat # 1

    Emirates Team New Zealand today completed the permitted 30 days of testing and training in its first AC72 catamaran.

    Rules for the 34th America’s Cup allowed only 30 sailing days for the first boat between July 2012 and the end of January 2013.

    Tomorrow the shore crew starts to decommission the yacht while the team concentrates on finishing Boat 2.

    Winch drums and some hardware will be removed from the yacht and fitted to Boat 2.

    Boat 1 will be refitted in the near future and held in reserve, to be commissioned quickly in the event it’s needed.

    Components for the new boat are being built at Auckland companies Cookson Boats and Southern Spars. The second wing is being assembled now at the team’s Viaduct Harbour base. Hulls, beams and other parts of the platform will be delivered to the base early in January for a launch in early February.

    Managing director Grant Dalton said the team was fortunate to be able to complete the sailing programme in good time, giving plenty of time to commission Boat 2.

    “We never considered sailing both boats together because of the logistics and cost involved.

    “It takes 35 people 1½ hours to launch the AC72. Three hours out of morning to launch two 72s and three hours at the other end of the day to retrieve them is out of the question.

    “The only solution would to have two separate operations to launch, retrieve, maintain and improve two AC72s and that is not a realistic prospect for Emirates Team New Zealand.”

    He said the team would gain many of the benefits by racing with another boat through the arrangement with Luna Rossa. ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~

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    very expensive but SMART decision. apply all learned to the new boat's design without any restriction in applying changes to an existing craft. how smart is that? better than wrecking a new boat and applying unlearned data to the new boat, but just as expensive if not more!!! cannot wait till we have TWO 72s in SF bay!!! that historic day/moment of TWO 72s racing together should've been HERE and not over "there". i feel cheated!! i'm suing Oracle for messing up my plans!!!


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      As soon as the ETNZ AC72 was in the shed after its last day on the water work begins breaking it down and decommissioning it, perhaps, with all going well, never to be sailed again.
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