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Artemis and Oracle Hook Up On Their 72's

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    their budget allows for foiling..... LOTs of it!!


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      Originally posted by HapaPops View Post
      I had the chance to take a tour - and here's what they told me. Didn't seem confidential so here we go:

      Because foiling was expected to cost shitloads, and scare away the less well-budgeted teams - the rule makers thought they figured out a way to prohibit foiling with no active wands, etc.

      Obviously, they failed…. and flying is possible.

      The designers, amongst other tradeoffs, had to figure out whether to optimize upwind (low resistance, and possibly a wiggly structure) or a stiff platform(more air resistance) for easier flying, but slower upwind.

      Personal observations:
      17 version 2, seems to be a stiffer platform than version 1, but not as stiff as the Kiwis. So not as easy to fly as theirs, but maybe faster upwind. No one knows. As an aside, to keep the flight-attitude stable they have hydraulics to swing the foil fore and aft while flying. Imagine that for a moment. Or, holy crapola!

      Also, look at 17 again, port foil is C-Shaped, starboard is straight. As explained to me, C-Shape is more forgiving, straight goes upwind better. They're working to see which is better.

      beg, borrow or steal an invite to wander around the shop. Amazing. 160 folks full time here making her go, plus the builders in Kiwi-land. Oh, and it's cold in there - they are bare bones in amenities, all the money is going into R&D and building.

      Interesting tid-bit: The cores are aluminum honeycomb, no insulating layer between the core and the skin. Hence, water intrusion creates all kinds of havoc. the damage to Version 1 wasn't the wing break, but lots of little punctures to the skin letting in salt water. They did an infrared study post capsize not to see where the structure failed, but where there was water, and therefore where they needed to replace panels.
      Who was your guide ?


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        How does one obtain an invite to a tour HP?

        Nice write up on your observations!


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          my guide was one of the Logistics guys.

          I had a bit of an "in" with the local multihull folks - there was a general agreement at the end that OR would like to do more of that - and we'd figure something out on how to get more people in. They can handle about 20 at a time.

          Also, I would guess that since Photoboy is a member of the "press" and is there quite a bit, he might be able to request a Pressure Drop member tour….


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            You holding out PB?


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              hahahaa!!! lucky dawgs!!! i AM however glad to hear of the possibility of more tours. they should do that - people are really interested to see how everything works and the teamwork involved to get any boat into the water. it's a mass effort and people only see not even 1/10th of what actually happens!


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                they were both out again today. RBYAC was sailing in the waters of the east bay. both artemis and oracle took their boats to the foggy golden gate then sailed eastward. on one run oracle foiled right past fisherman's wharf to the surprise of many tourists! i was pleasantly surprised too as they usually make their runs behind alcatraz but i am NOT complaining!


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                  where de boat?


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                    I've been a bit curious about the operation of removing and reinstalling the wings.

                    Is that dolly in the corner of the photo what the wing is set down upon so that it can be rolled out of the way as the wing is lowered to the horizontal position?

                    Is there just a pick-point at the top, or is it supported elsewhere?


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                      Originally posted by HapaPops View Post
                      - and we'd figure something out on how to get more people in. They can handle about 20 at a time.

                      They are keeping good with that......My wife 2 kids and I are set up for a tour of the facility this coming Monday...while I'm looking forward to it I have high hopes that it will feed my 5yr old sons love of all things sailing!


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                        that's how t start the passion for anything: while they are young and have many young years to FEEL the passion, SEE others' passion for the same thing, and to INSTILL the passion. if you have that passion for sailing, it will either grow or DIE for your sons based on what they see and experience


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                          Sanity Check

                          The crane lowers the wing until the base can be connected to a dolly.
                          The shore crew then walks the base of the wing out from under the crane as the crane slowely lowers the wing.
                          When the wing reaches horizontal the shore crew places a second support at the base of the wing and a support at the head.
                          The crane is then disconnected and the wing is wheeled away.


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                            Pics out of sequence


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                              Did I mention pics out of sequence?


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                                Thanks Tom. How much does the wing weigh? A ton?

                                FWIW I just saw an AC45 going N by Pier 50 area.