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  • Pier 27 Preview

    Report and pics to follow
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    waiting to see!!! saludos!!


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      Open House For Pier 27

      The folks at the ACEA held an invite only celebration / news announcement at the nearly completed Cruise Ship Terminal on Pier 27 yesterday. In attendance were throng of media types, supporters, friends and associates which have helped the process go through.

      ACRM's Stephen Barkley provided a "State of The Union" address, providing all the positives which have transpired in recent months, even noting that it has not been exactly a smooth path, and early projections had not lived up to expectations. He focused on the achievements covered including Emmys for TV broadcasts, bringing the sport to the people and adding an exciting new element to the oldest trophy in sport.

      Team CEO's Paul Cayard and Russell Coutts were also present to field questions regarding the upcoming regatta and how their teams are doing.

      ACRM's John Craig also fielded questions and did a presentation on what to expect on the course, and reps from the SF Giants and ACRM marketing gave the lowdown on various viewing options on sale to the public as well as free viewing locations.

      Outside the building, the PUMA store sits empty awaiting delivery of swag, the new cruise terminal in the background will play host to Media and interactive exhibitions when May rolls around. Inside will have a sports bar and 5 private suites.

      The south side...where the super, super yachts will end tie!

      Crews were busy measuring and marking off the area for the Americas Cup Pavilion
      will host 30 concerts. Nearby neighbors voiced their concerns loudly and were appeased somewhat by concessions over the length, number of and size of concert planned. But the president of the Telegraph Hill Dwellers association, Jon Golinger indicated that an appeal of the City's Entertainment Commission's permit approval is still possible, seeking to put some bite into their bark if need be. The are carefully scrutinizing all deals between the City and the organizers.

      AC Pavilion

      Ink was still wet on the permit application before howls could be heard from the hills above!

      All Venues and Pricing
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        Layout of the Pier 27-29 "Americas Cup Park"

        The "Americas Cup Pavilion" which contrary to some media sources will NOT be permanent. It is on a very time constrained
        permit from the city as is the pier lease via the Port Authority. However, with the foot print set, the City and Port Authority
        work have the blueprint for any future events layed out. City celebrations, and corporate events could potentially recreate
        a similar venue in the future. Keep in mind that Oracle hosts a gala private event every autumn on Treasure Island setting
        a complete entertainment center including a stage that hosts many big name acts like Tom Petty, Pearl Jam, Aerosmith etc!

        The vision of the Marina Green

        The slightly expanded race course and preferred viewing locations

        The schedule, for your convenience!

        " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

 Photo Gallery


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          GREAT!! no boattraffic between the racetrack AND SF northern shores!!