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Dalts & Coutts: No Love Lost

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  • Dalts & Coutts: No Love Lost

    New Zealand Heralds Dan Johannsen penned a piece over the weekend on a recent
    flare up between the two sydicate bosses:

    "Mate, what the hell went wrong?"

    That was all Team New Zealand boss Grant Dalton needed to say kick off a heated debate with Sir Russell Coutts when the two yachting adversaries squared off in a charity dinner last night.

    The evening was in aid of veteran sailors Rick Dodson and David Barnes, who both suffer from multiple sclerosis and are aiming to attend the 2016 Paralympics.

    Coutts got off to a rather tame start, opening with a video detailing Oracle's struggles and triumphs over the past 12 months.

    Dalton chose another tack with his introductory video, playing an interview with Larry Ellison in 2010, in which the Oracle owner made all sorts of bold promises - most of which have not eventuated. The move hit a raw nerve with Coutts, who later leapt to the defence of his boss, warning "he'll get to hear about this".

    In the video Ellison claimed there would be many as 16 challengers, with "more international teams than ever before" and pegged the cost of competing at just $2m-$4m.

    He also promised the design rule would be simplified and the boats would be cheap to engineer - they would not be going back to the complex wingsail technology like that which was seen in Oracle's trimaran, which won the deed of gift challenge in 2010 - a point that was met with derisive laughter from the audience.

    "Mate, what the hell went wrong?" Dalton asked when the video wrapped up.

    Boldened by the effects of the sponsors wine, and clearly irritated by Dalton's continued references to promises made in 2010, Coutts returned to the stage later in the night and fired off a few salvoes of his own, including a pointed dig about the veteran's decision to add himself to the Team New Zealand crew.

    "There's nobody in New Zealand he can find that's better than a 54-year-old?

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