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  • AC/Louis Vuitton Course and Schedule

    The latest from ACEA and ACRM. If you look at the July Louis Vuitton schedule dates and eliminate the Artemis race vs ENTZ and LR, you will see matches between LR and ETNZ on the 7th, 13th, 21st, 23rd, and 28th of July.

    That's 5 days of racing in July. Period.

    Now you will still see Oracle vs Oracle on non race days, and it is assumed that the dates where LR or ETNZ were scheduled to race against Artemis, they will have to complete the course to get points, albiet, by them selves, and yo might even see Artemis out at the same time getting it together...bu nothing official....

    ...and that's the way the winch handle turns...

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    That looks like an awful lot of fluff for a single boat race that is supposed to take no longer than 70 minutes maximum... hopefully it is fun for the competitors, they've been busy for a long long time to make that race happen.

    I will be offshore for the long weekend, I'm hoping the weather will be conducive for some time up at Drakes Bay, and if it is howling to the north then Half Moon Bay is a good place to drop the hook.

    - rob/beetle


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      just heard the USCG just granted AC the event permit. we're going to "have" a race!!!!


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        hot off the virtual presses!!!

        The U.S. Coast Guard Friday issued the permit required to hold America’s Cup racing on San Francisco Bay this summer, clearing one of the final hurdles standing before organizers prior to the start of racing next Sunday.

        “This is an important and necessary step for the America’s Cup,” said Iain Murray, independent Regatta Director for the America’s Cup. “I’d like to thank the United States Coast Guard and all of the other organizations and agencies who have helped the America’s Cup get to this point where we are ready to conduct racing, starting with the fleet parade and time trials on July 5, and the first race of the Louis Vuitton Cup, America’s Cup Challenger Series, on July 7.” At one point, the Coast Guard permit was considered a formality in the proceedings leading up to the America’s Cup, and its preceding challengers’ series, the Louis Vuitton Cup. But ever since the tragic death of sailor Andrew “Bart” Simpson, during a training run with the Swedish syndicate Artemis, the safety of the Cup has been under scrutiny and review.

        The Coast Guard’s approval leaves only one more significant obstacle in the Cup’s path — a legal challenge to some of the safety recommendations issued by race organizer’s after Simpson’s untimely death. On Thursday, one of the Cup challengers, Emirates Team New Zealand, filed a protest with an international jury appointed to oversee the 37 safety recommendation New Zealand protest, which questions three of the safety requirements, is expected to be heard in San Francisco on Monday, July 8, after racing in the Louis Vuitton Cup starts, as scheduled, on July 7.

        After receiving the Coast Guard approval on Friday, Murray issued a Regatta Notice to the competitors advising them that the 37 safety recommendations now rank as official rules.

        “This Regatta Notice has not been made lightly, nor without due consideration of the impact on, and the possible consequences for, each Competitor and the organizer,” Murray wrote in the notice. “I have exercised my professional judgment to the best of my ability, and have weighed carefully the unfortunate circumstances thrust upon us including (as a paramount consideration) the need to increase the safety of our crews, the officials and other Bay users, as well as the investment made by Competitors and all other stakeholders in this event.

        “Safety is not a multiple-choice selection from which competitors pick and choose. I have issued this Regatta Notice as being in the best collective interests of the America’s Cup as a long-standing institution in and at the pinnacle of our sport.”

        Al Saracevic is sports editor of The San Francisco Chronicle. E-mail: Twitter: @alsaracevic

        Posted By: Al Saracevic ( Email ) | Jun 28 at 8:01 pm


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          So this would seem to be the new pushed out viewing limits..

          per RN194

          No vessel (including an AC72 Yacht or AC45 Yacht) shall be within the USCG, America's Cup Regulated Course Areas established by ACRM for the Regatta without prior approval from ACRM.

          Special Local Regulation: AC34 Regulated Area, 33CFR100.T11-0551B

          The following area is the Primary Regulated Area for the 2013 AC34 sailing regattas: All waters of San Francisco Bay bounded by a line beginning at position 37°48'12"N, 122°24'04"W located on the foot of Pier 23, running northeast to position 37⁰48’24” N, 122⁰23’43”W, running north to position 37⁰49’10” N, 122⁰23’43”W, running northwest to position 37⁰49’41” N, 122⁰24’17”W located east of Alcatraz Island, running west to position 37°49'41"N, 122°27'35"W, running southwest to position 37°49'02"N, 122°28'21"W, running south to position 37°48'32"N, 122°28'21"W, and running eastward along the City of San Francisco shoreline ending at position 37°48’12”N, 122°24’04”W located on the foot of Pier 23.

          The water and even the shoreline have seemed pretty deserted for the solo 'races' so far...

          currents for Saturday

          Alcatraz Island W, San Francisco Bay, California Current
          13 July 2013

          37.8333° N, 122.4333° W

          2013-07-13 Sat 07:55 PDT -2.17 knots Max Ebb
          2013-07-13 Sat 10:57 PDT 0.01 knots Slack, Flood Begins
          2013-07-13 Sat 14:14 PDT 2.47 knots Max Flood
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            so LV is upset and wants a refund. what else can happen to the America's Cup? i'd hate to be the one(s) in that organization handliing finances right now!! this is an idea I have: each LV visitor or official on the LV-labeled boats will be paying $1million per pix they snap of any of the event. cameras will be checked and number of images on camera card noted, and billing sent to LV directly... how's that even out? hahahaa

            let's see. you're on the Louis Vuitton CUP boat and snapping pixs. you have all those pixs taken... that's $1million each pix... you took 3 pixs? how about we call it even then?


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              The contract with LV contained language regarding the number of competitors in the event. The reduced number from the projected amount entitles LV to a rfund or reduced fee.
              No drama. Just a business contract with typical language.


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                ETNZ handed it to Luna Rossa, plain and simple....Delta plus 5 minutes..
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                  Podcast of Sail Racing Magazines post race interview!
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                    ok amicos. TELL me when she's on target and i'll FIRE this gun!!! we will win the race
                    one way or another!!!


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                      looks like they are assembling some bleachers at the marina between the sailing clubs guess they think ppl will soon be showing up for the remaining races!!


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                        According to Ian Murray, ETNZ CANNOT clinch today, and will have to race Tuesday to do so.

                        Something about points...

                        PS..breeze is on the edge of being too high...
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                          Who is ETNZ? I don't see them in the TransPac standings . . .


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                            They are the Dispora entry..still awaiting NY court approval of their entry...
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                              Speaking of that, you have to ask Eric Arens (R/C guru at RYC) about their recent Looie Vooie Cup race. I can't remember all the details but it was a race with one entry. After it was over another skipper protested, pointing out language in the RRC implying races have multiple entries. Upon losing the protest, he appealed it to one of the New York courts.

                              Other RYC folks who know Eric can probably fill in the details.