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  • Stokkage!!!

    The July 2013 Cover of Sail Magazine!!!!


    Generally would not make a fuss, but this is kind of a big deal...With all the syndicates having their own photogs on board, plus GMR shooting for the ACEA, and most magazines sending out their own crew when they want pics, getting ANY love from magazines is a tough nut to crack...In fact, Sailing World did an entire issue on the Cup here in SF and chose to entirely use the free stuff from the syndicates, nary a single shot from the local media...

    People assume the locals prosper with the show coming to town. But I beg to differ, and the trickle down doesn't add up to much...although it does offer some exciting imagery and exposure to all the behind the scenes stuff, and meeting some of the makers and shakers...

    And this shoot was pure luck, after weeks of cat chasing to no avail, it just happened that Oracle Racing AC 72 2.0 finally appeared after the start of the Spinnaker Cup proving the opportunity I had been hoping for...

    Thanks to Adam and Adam at Sail for making it happen!
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    Nice work! Who knew things would be that hard?


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      Well deserved. All those dues you have paying will come back ten fold man!
      Pointing like a traffic cop, footin like a track star.


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        great going and on the front cover and B I G. go aheead and frame and hang it!!! you deserve it!!


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          you are the smack daddy now.

          Good on ya.