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  • Unattended Dress Rehersal

    ACRM's John Craig wonders where the teams are

    Today was the scheduled beginning of the last hurrah. A chance to get your ears wet
    and strut your stuff on a real course before the big dance. Provide some feed back. The 1st of 3 days of last practices before the Louis Vuitton Cup. The ACRM was there as promised. The new water tramps all decked out, crews in attending mark boats. The TV trials ready to rock. Just one problem. None of the team showed up....

    They dragged the marks out.

    They dragged them back.

    The teams seemed to be out earlier in the day. Oracle Racing was pulling out just before noon at Pier 80. The scheduled practice was set for 12:15. ETNZ and LR were out VERY early today. But then disappeared BEFORE the scheduled practice.

    We asked the folks on the mark boats, we asked people at the Pier 30-32,and Pier 80,
    why no sailing? There was no definitive answer.

    Ellison's Asahi at Pier 27/29

    ACRM and ACEA HQ at Pier 23

    Super surgie water at Pier 23, I mean crazy / stupid surgie...

    All's quiet at Pier 30-32 despite excellent sailing conditions

    One of several limiting marks just set by the USCG

    We are told the teams will return tomorrow for the scheduled practice...yet no one can seem to guarantee that. The question is, is there and underlying sense of defiance
    against the ACRM / ACEA? ETNZ and LR have both alluded to desire as to not play the game and focus only on their own desires, and Oracle Racing seem to be pulling back on their public exposure...But wouldn't the team want to get some real practice on the set up course? Would it not be in their best interest to provide feed back to the ACRM on how tings are working?

    Strange...very strange...
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    great pixs as always PB!! funny i was out there BUT didnt see you floating or bobbing around! looking at the first pix, you wouldve sailed right past me. yup, i thought there would be a practice race fer sure but what do i know? i saw the USCG freighter (buoy) boat out there setting buoys too so knew something was going on, like a big event was planned!! yea right!! hahahahaaa


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      Build it, and they might come?


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        seriously now, i DO think there will be massive crowds again. stay positive!