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Which superyachts are in town?

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    Advantage on a short course would be pretty minimal if any. The cool thing would be the WOW! appeal. Also, on any boat which can approach, or for hevvins' sake, exceed wind speed, this sort of kite is sort of not worth it. There are kites designed which might be worth it, but the Outleader isn't it. Where the Outleader kite would have excelled if the company had managed to sell kites, is in boats going the same direction for a long time, where they never get up to more than maybe 80% of wind speed. MORC-type boats fits this description. So do cruising catamarans. Your regular 60's-90's cruiser-racers from 20-something to 40-something feet would bomb along absolutely spanking great under an appropriately-sized Outleader kite, once deployed. Sadly, Outleader is out of business.

    SY? I don't know. Maybe. Might work. I don't know enough about boats that are that big.