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International Jury Findings Released

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  • International Jury Findings Released

    The international Jury released their findings today, and has excluded 4 team members from participation
    in the 34th America's Cup, warned one other, and dismissed charges against one sailor, who's identity has been protected.

    99. Pursuant to Protocol Article 15.4(d)(iv), OTUSA shall be penalised one point for
    each of the first two races of the Match in which they would otherwise score a point.
    100. OTUSA are ordered pursuant to Protocol Articles 15.4(d)(ii) and 15.3(b) to pay a fine
    of US$250,000. Such fine is to be paid to the following charities:Page 14 of 14
    (a) US$125,000 to the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation which charity has
    been established following the death of Andrew (Bart) Simpson on an AC72
    in San Francisco in May 2013, for the purpose of assisting young people to
    get involved in sailing through mentoring and support.
    (b) US$125,000 payable to a section 501(c)(3) charitable organisation
    selected by the Mayor of San Francisco to provide support to at-risk youth in
    the San Francisco Bay area.
    101. OTUSA are required to provide to the Jury confirmation of payment of the fines in
    the above paragraph prior to the commencement of the Match

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    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery


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      Sailor X ID is protected, but he has not been excluded. I didn't see anything in the hearing minutes related to the points and the fine. Where was that addressed?


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        ""Today, the America’s Cup Jury announced that one Team USA sailor, our primary wing trimmer, and two shore crew have been excluded from further participation in the 34th America’s Cup. This penalty was assessed because of a rules breach occurring in early 2012, well over a year ago, involving modifications to the team’s AC45 yachts, not the larger AC72 yachts that will be used in the America’s Cup.

        The Jury has also penalized the team by deducting two races from Team USA in the upcoming 34th America’s Cup. That means Team USA will have to win 11 races to win the America’s Cup while Team New Zealand will only have to win nine races.

        The rules infractions involved only a few of our 130 team members, and were done without the knowledge of either our team’s management or the skippers who were driving the boats,” said team CEO Russell Coutts. “While we disagree with the unprecedented penalties imposed by the Jury, we have no choice but to make the necessary changes to personnel on our race boat and do our best to use the next four days for the new team to practice and get ready for the start of the 34th America’s Cup.”"


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          Originally posted by Nick Salvador View Post
          Sailor X ID is protected, but he has not been excluded. I didn't see anything in the hearing minutes related to the points and the fine. Where was that addressed?
          2 sailors and 2 shore crew...

          came out just after intial release...
          " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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            Are they going to appeal the points?


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              I don't think they can. The jury's word is final according to the AC rules, isn't it?


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                Don't ask me, bu this just came in from the AC Website:

                An inquiry by the Measurement Committee and International Jury on modifications that ORACLE TEAM USA made to their AC45 yachts in 2012 ended today with a report issued by the International Jury.

                Three team members have been excluded from participating in the regatta. The team has also been deducted two points from its score in the upcoming America’s Cup Finals beginning September 7. They have also been fined US$250,000.

                In August the team voluntarily withdrew retroactively from the 2012/2013 AC45 regattas in question.

                The International Jury confirmed that only a handful of individuals were involved, and that all members of senior management of ORACLE TEAM USA — including skippers Jimmy Spithill and Ben Ainslie, CEO Russell Coutts, General Manager Grant Simmer and Shore Team Director Mark Turner— were not aware or involved in any way.

                To win the America’s Cup, a team must score nine points, the highest ever number in the competition’s 162 year-old history. The defender now starts with a deficit score of minus-2 and must win 11 races to retain the trophy. Emirates Team New Zealand, the challenger, is unaffected and must win 9 races as before.

                The highly anticipated 34th America’s Cup “September Showdown” between Dean Barker, skipper of challenger Emirates Team New Zealand, and Jimmy Spithill, skipper of ORACLE TEAM USA, begins Saturday, September 7th with two races at 1:10pm and 2:10pm Pacific Time.

                The race series continues on Sunday the 8th, Tuesday the 10th, Thursday the 12th, Saturday the 14th, and, if necessary the subsequent Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday — each with two races per day at 1:10pm and 2:10pm.

                The full International Jury decision can be found under Jury Notices on the America’s Cup Official Race Noticeboard.
                " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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                  just released:

                  Oracle Team USA announces 34th America's Cup race crew:

                  James Spithill, Helmsman
                  Shannon Falcone, Grinder
                  Rome Kirby, Grinder
                  John Kostecki, Grinder/Tactician
                  Kyle Langford, Wing Trimmer
                  Jonathan Macbeth, Grinder
                  Joe Newton, Jib Trimmer
                  Gilberto Nobili, Grinder
                  Tom Slingsby, Grinder/Strategist
                  Joe Spooner, Grinder
                  Simeon Tienpont, Grinder


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                    do you think the AC72 sailors (I mean grinders) will rebel against the boats? All those years of sailing and technical investment, development, just to have to grind? I sure hope they have more to do than just run from side to side and grind.

                    Or maybe its the evolution of the professional sailor. Need to be able to have a desk job on the design/analysis table and jump on the boat and grind. Or the devolution of the professional sailor, just get up and grind. Hard to do well on the dinghies if you are grooming yourself as a monster grinder...

                    I actually enjoy the coffee grinder more than most, but would hate it is that was my only job.

                    Didn't the Foredeck Union had anything to say about this. That job is completely eliminated.


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                      No one can be certain what option Dalton will go with when the Kiwis take the cup back to New Zealand.

                      Yeah, I went there.


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                        A 2 love advantage could be the difference maker.

                        Certainly am hoping to see some tighter racing between OR and ETNZ.


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                          oh yes! at least THESE two SHOULD be able to keep up with each other!!!