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  • Who Is Racer X?

    The international sailing community has been curious for weeks on who might be the mysterious member of the "suspected" crowd in the Oracle Racing crowd dubbed "Racer X". Well we could have told you long ago, that "Racer X" is a J-105 owned and sailed by Richard and Mary Pipkin, primarily in offshore events locally around SF Bay. A very nice couple with mad sailing skills. But they (the finger pointers) didn't ask us, so the mystery continues. Just to be clear and assure that Richard and Mary are not implicated in some kangaroo court in some darkened corner of a seedy waterfront drinking establishment, we will refer to them as the proper "Racer X" and to the now exonerated person mentioned in the report below as the "Mysterious Racer X"

    The subject was once again breached at the AC 34 press conference as to who
    the "Mysterious Racer X" in context to the International Jury Findings Report

    The Oracle Racing Team Members are listed below. We already know Matt Mitchell is
    out for 4 races due to King Post Gate, and Dirk de Ridder was suspended for the entire
    AC34 event. Utilizing your superior sleuthing skills, mad hunches, inklings or just wild ass speculation, who would you argue the "Mysterious Racer X" might be and why?

    Extra points for creative answers and pictures with circle and arrows attached...

    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    Nobody remembers cartoons from childhood?


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      I think it was Sir Ben. He was just stashing some of the Royal Krugerrand from the tax man.

      The tax rate is like 45% in the UK, who can blame him?