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Race 13 and 13 b!

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    ...Ainslie is hearing footsteps....
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery


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      nice foiling gybes by OR
      " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery


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        OR rounds last gate
        " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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            Oracle hangs on and wins! Delta 1:24
            " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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              Very cool - thanks PB.


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                Americas Cup Official Report

                Emirates Team New Zealand came within one nautical mile of winning the 34th America’s Cup today, but then fell afoul of the 40-minute time limit. When Race 13 was re-sailed, the Kiwis were thwarted by a penalty and good speed from defender ORACLE TEAM USA.

                ORACLE TEAM USA won the second attempt at Race 13 by 1 minute, 24 seconds after staring down the barrel of defeat. The defender was trailing by an estimated eight-tenths of a nautical mile in the first attempt, which was abandoned when the 40-minute time limit expired and with the Kiwis eying the finish line.

                ORACLE TEAM USA’s fifth win kept the match alive at least one more day. Emirates Team New Zealand leads 8-3 and needs just one more victory to win the America’s Cup for the third time (1995, 2000). ORACLE TEAM USA, on the other hand, needs to win six consecutive races to retain the trophy it won in 2010, after being penalized 2 points by the International Jury.

                “It was disappointing to be that close yet so far away,” said Emirates Team New Zealand skipper Dean Barker. “Sometimes it’s just not meant to be. The guys are very positive. We know we can win, we just have to put it together on the day.”

                “What can you do? Sometimes a couple of things go your way,” said Spithill of the first race that expired with the time limit. “We’re in a position where we have to take those things, but what a fantastic second race by the guys, really standing strong.”

                In the re-sail of Race 13, Barker fended off an aggressive move by Spithill in the prestart. Spithill went for a late push with about 25 seconds to the start, but Barker positioned himself to force Spithill to head up and into Emirates Team New Zealand’s bad air, and the Kiwis led by 3 seconds at the first turning mark.

                On the ensuing run, ORACLE TEAM USA rode a puff into a compromising position for Emirates Team New Zealand. The Kiwis were on port while the defender was on starboard. Spithill pulled his helm over hard to avoid a collision and the umpires penalized Emirates Team New Zealand.

                “The better move would’ve been to jibe before them and protect the long starboard,” said Kiwi tactician Ray Davies. “In a click more breeze you’re able to jibe in front of them and keep forward, but in that lighter air, by the time you hook up, you’re in their gas.”

                The Kiwis further complicated their race at the leeward gate. They were close behind ORACLE TEAM USA but the defender got to the three-boatlength zone and earned rights to round the right-hand gate. That forced Emirates Team New Zealand to round the left-hand mark at approximately 5 knots boatspeed while ORACLE TEAM USA was steaming upwind at approximately 20 knots.

                “There was a big right-hand shift coming into that gate,” said ORACLE TEAM USA’s Ben Ainslie. “We waited until the last second to make our decision. We were waiting to see their move before making our choice. It was a last-second thing which went well.”

                After another near miss – for both teams – Emirates Team New Zealand remains on the precipice of winning the America’s Cup, while ORACLE TEAM USA has no margin for error. Although the defender dodged a bullet today, the odds are still in favor of the challenger, which needs one win to the defender’s six. Both teams are confident of their chances and hoping for a little luck.

                “Luck is something you never walk away from,” said Barker. “It’s a case of executing a race. We entered today with a much better attitude than yesterday. Maybe we didn’t sail as well as we could’ve in that race, but we have a lot of confidence that we can go out and race to win.”

                “We believe we can win. It’s as simple as that,” said Spithill. “With these boats on that racecourse, you can dodge all sorts of bullets out there. At the start of regatta it felt like everything was going against us. Now it feels like it’s starting to turn.”

                Races 14 and 15 are slated for tomorrow, scheduled to start at 1:15 pm PT and 2:15 pm PT. In the U.S., the America’s Cup Finals will be broadcast live on the NBC Sports Network. Replays will be available on the America’s Cup YouTube channel.

                Internationally, the America’s Cup Final can be viewed in more than 170 territories. All racing is also live on America’s Cup YouTube channel (subject to territorial restrictions).

                You can also follow racing with America’s Cup App for android and iOS devices.

                34th America’s Cup Standings (first to 9 points wins)

                Emirates Team New Zealand – 8
                ORACLE TEAM USA – 3

                Race 13 Performance Data
                Course: 5 Legs/10.08 nautical miles
                Elapsed Time: OTUSA – 27:20, ETNZ – 28:44
                Delta: OTUSA +1:24
                Total distance sailed: OTUSA – 10.9 NM, ETNZ – 10.8 NM
                Average Speed: OTUSA – 24.16 knots (28 mph), ETNZ – 22.63 knots (26 mph)
                Top Speed: OTUSA – 33.90 knots (39 mph), ETNZ – 33.74 knots (39 mph)
                Windspeed: Average – 9.8 knots, Peak – 13.2 knots
                Number of Tacks/Jibes: OTUSA – 5/7, ETNZ – 6/8
                " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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                  ETNZ's Official Report

                  September 20 2013

                  “Sometimes things go your way.” Dean Barker talking after racing on day 10 of the America’s Cup match.
                  And sometimes they don’t. Once again a race in the 34th America's Cup match has been abandoned with Emirates Team New Zealand in the lead.

                  Two races have been postponed because there was too much wind. Today, the 10th day of racing in San Francisco, race 13 was abandoned because there was too little wind and the yachts did not finish in the mandated 40 minutes.

                  As Barker said: “Any one of those points would be good to have.”

                  NZL5 was 1500 metres ahead of Oracle when the call pulling the pin on the race came from the committee boat. NZL5 was headed towards the final turning mark. It would have been a certain win for Barker and crew and the would have given the team the one point it needed to win the America’s Cup.

                  It was never going to be an easy day. The breeze fluctuated from 7-12 knots during race time, but was fluky and shifted 70-80 degrees during the re-sail.

                  The re-sail followed. Again the breeze was light, but a little stronger than before. Barker won the start, but an indifferent second half of downwind leg by NZL5 and a big windshift on the 4th leg that favoured Oracle, closed down Barker’s options.

                  Barker had no complaints about the time limit. "It would have been nice to have another 10 minutes ....but it's there for a purpose - television schedules - and we can live with that.

                  "We became aware half-way down the run that we were not going to make the finish in time. We had put a lot into the race. We were so close - and so far away but cry or laugh we just have to get on with it.

                  "Now we have to make sure we're on our game tomorrow."
                  " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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                    A cruel day on the water today for Emirates Team New Zealand having the first race called off just minutes from the finish line in what would have been the 9th win. To quote grinder Winston MacFarlane, "You can laugh or you can cry, so you may as well laugh about it, and come back hard again tomorrow."
                    It's a good thing the patience is a strong virtue of this team.
                    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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             keep this link. this is where all my newest race pixs go. they are usually posted by midnight. the album cover is changed each time i update