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Race 14 Abandoned

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  • Race 14 Abandoned

    The rain came down in buckets today, much more than was earlier projected, and with it, fans and members of the sailing team and media sought shelter, until the scheduled dock out show commenced. The teams marched out, did a quick intro and marched back to the shelter of the team rooms on Pier 27-29

    The die hards and kids did not let the unusual summer outbreak of liquid sunshin dampen their spirits, and the Kiwis, quite used to a summer shower or two were hardly phased. Kids, being kids, relish in the conditions. Standing in a puddle with large power cords running to and fro made this reporter seek the sanctuary of the elevated TV platform!

    By 1:00 PM the rain ceased and great numbers of fans descended towards the end of Pier 27-29, ready to witness history.

    On the course, the teams waited. Seeking a signal that this show was going to happen.

    The wind, still holding on to a southerly fetch slowly inched towards a westerly direction that would allow the RC to set a square course. The day before, Iain and company had even sent out a modified course for the teams to approve. The did not like it and opted not to utilize it. That mean the course was still dependent on a 230 average to get the go sign.

    Larry BS's with Jobson during today's delay

    The sky began to clear and we even went into a sequence, headed for a 2:40 PM start.
    Every thing was looking rosy, and then the wind backed to 210. As Ian Murray noted in a post race discussion, " We really need to give these guys a proper course in proper conditions"

    OR give the fans at end of pier a tad bit of a show with a flying flyby...but that would be it for the day


    The timer on Regardless pretty much sums it up....tune in Sunday as the AC continues...

    Just a note, according to Tim Jefferey, ACEA Communications Guy, "The show goes on until one team gets 9 wins" The permit expires Tuesday...and the BBS's City Front permit
    begins Thursday...Technically there could be a 4 day lay day if this isn't settled by Wednesday...yikes!
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    If the AC permit is done by Tuesday, and the BBS runs through Sunday, wouldn't that be a five day delay? (Wednesday --- Sunday)


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      The BBS is Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


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        Originally posted by Prince of Whales View Post
        The BBS is Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
        Yes, but the AC permit expires Tuesday so presumably no racing on Wednesday either.
        Then there is the issue of all the stuff in the parking areas normally used by the participants of the BBS, Where are all the equipment trailers and riggers going to park?
        The horror!


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          The ACRM have already been on touch with the USCG in regards to getting the permit extended.
          From the SI's :

          1 Schedule of Races
          1.1 Two races are scheduled on each of the following days until the conclusion of the Match:
          Saturday, September 7, 2013
          Sunday, September 8, 2013
          Tuesday, September 10, 2013
          Thursday, September 12, 2013
          Saturday, September 14, 2013
          Sunday, September 15, 2013
          Tuesday, September 17, 2013
          Thursday, September 19, 2013
          Saturday, September 21, 2013
          1.2 The scheduled start time of the first race of the day is 1315 and the scheduled start time of the
          second race of the day is 1415 subject to Protocol Article 12(d)(iii).
          1.3 Reserve days are:
          Wednesday September 18, 2013
          Friday September 20, 2013
          Sunday September 22, 2013
          Today, Sunday the 22nd was scheduled to be the final day, as a reserve day...
          Monday through Wednesday would be used via a permit extension...

          Thursday ---> Sunday, the 26th ----29th are already spoken for...

          Trailers? I was told the area near "Little Marina Green" is being allocated, but let's face it,
          many an out of town program saw this train wreck/space conflict long ago and decided to avoid the
          2013 BBS due to the complications....
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            Oracle needs to wrap this up on Tuesday. That's workable.