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The Smell Of Gunpowder Arouses Kiwis After Long Absence

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  • The Smell Of Gunpowder Arouses Kiwis After Long Absence

    Emirates Team New Zealand heard the gun of a race start today for the first time in 3.5 years since 26th June 2017 in Bermuda.

    It was the first of a series of practice races being run by the 36th America’s Cup race management as an opportunity to test the entire network of systems needed to successfully run and broadcast an AC36 race.

    Emirates Team New Zealand was assigned a 30-minute period to practice 3 starts and each team had the ability to have another team practice their starts alongside them on the race course, then line up and train with each other for the remainder of the practice session.

    American Magic, the Challenger from the New York Yacht Club lined up with Emirates Team New Zealand however there weren’t too many similarities between the starts in Bermuda and today, same kiwi team, starting against an American boat and that was about it.

    The wind was in the upper regions 16-22 knots NW breeze, fully powered up the AC75’s, a spectacular sight flying off the upwind start line.

    “It was really exciting to finally be allowed to line up with another AC75 after all this time,” said Helmsman Peter Burling.

    “Although it is just practice racing and practice starts it certainly gets the intensity up a few notches for all the boys. The competitive nature ratchets up the importance of nailing every maneuverer with precision, picking your shifts and trying to get an edge.

    And this is exactly what we need going into the ACWS and Christmas race next week.”

    After a number of pre-starts with the American’s which could be described as ‘rusty’, Emirates Team New Zealand lined up the Challenger of Record Luna Rossa for the first time.

    Both teams visibly eager to line up and get a gauge on one another.

    Ray Davies was in the box seat orchestrating the racing operations between the Regatta Director Iain Murray and the other teams.

    “So cool to see these boats line up, they are spectacular, the closing speeds are phenomenal, the close racing, we are going to see proper pre starts and proper racing and boat on boat situations, so all we could have hoped.” Concluded Ray Davies.

    PRADA ACWS Auckland runs over 17-19th December, with the 20th December being the PRADA Christmas Race.
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    This is what they were built for!
    PATRIOT and the AC75’s mixed it up today during official practice starts on Course E, and the real thing is just around the corner.
    America's Cup World Series action begins next week in Auckland!

    all images © American Magic / Will Ricketson

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      Ineos Team UK

      INEOS Team UK

      BRITANNIA Sail Log w/c 30th November
      ➡️5 sailing days
      ➡️908.68km Sailing Distance
      ➡️230 Tacks
      ➡️283 Gybes
      ➡️197 Bear Aways

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        Luna Rossa

        " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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          8 Days And Counting

          With nine days to the first official race of this 36th America’s Cup presented by PRADA cycle, the whole machine behind the show had its first successful test run.

          In one of a handful of test days to come, all the technology needed to showcase the racing to the world from the 17th of December when the PRADA America’s Cup World Series Auckland kicks off, was put through its paces.

          These are key days for the many race officials, on water marshals, broadcast crew to diagnose anything which might occur during actual racing. They are also equally important for the teams, who are now officially allowed to engage each other for the very first time.

          Regatta Director Iain Murray allowed the teams to invite each other into the start box from 3:00 till 6:00 pm. Emirates Team New Zealand and New York Yacht Club American Magic opened the dance with a series of practice starts in stunning Auckland sailing conditions.

          An intense day for the TV as well with the highly sophisticated media equipment being operational on all boats and transmitting during the practice sessions. Just as importantly, the race officials had the chance to test their race systems, and more importantly start putting into action processes and controls which until today have just been plans on paper.

          With all the boxes ticked off nicely in all the departments, fans around the world can look forward to world class coverage and racing, that 15 months after the first AC75 was launched, is finally here!

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            This should be entertaining!