A Sudden Shift ... Barcelona is OUT as America's Cup Venue
Just 72 hours after the Barcelona venue announcement (and just 24 hours past the originally scheduled date of March 31), organizers are scrambling to explain why the Spanish Federal Government has deep-sixed Barcelona as venue.

Tersa Ribera, Minister for the Ecological Transition, informed the world press at a hastily convened press gaggle in Madrid that Catalonia's environment minister did not initiate or clear the needed national environmental impact assessments, failed to heed warnings of endangered habitats raised by a number of residents and environmental groups, and, in short, acted with illegal impunity in allowing the event planning.

Nonsense, said Silvia Calvo i Armengol, Catalonia's Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Sostenibility of Andorra. "We are an autonomous region. Jurisdiction of the waters surrounding Barcelona are absolutely in our control. And I don't even like turtle soup."

Armengol's cryptic note was in reference to social media memes that she was unconcerned about the fate of the region's endangered sea turtles, one of the issues raised by environmental groups, because of her supposed love of turtle soup.

Further complicating issues was news from the European Union that the final decision on the multiple-nation bounding Mediterranean Sea laid with Brussels, which would take at least a year to investigate and rule on the AC's impact on both turtles and the fragile ecosphere of gorgonian octocorals that could easily be disturbed by the large number of spectator vessels.

INEOS Team Britain financier Sir Jim Ratcliffe stated the obvious .... "We cannot go ahead with plans for a compound or the event with this level of instability and uncertainty. Last place I want to be is in the middle of a bureaucratic pissing match between the EU, Madrid and Catalonian bureaucrats. I'd sooner toss them all into bag of snakes and wait to negotiate with the survivor".

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