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Raco Airfield, Michigan, USA

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  • energyguyeric
    Some of us are heading up to Raco for some more Blokart sailing on the Weekend of Oct 20th-21st. We are renting a house for the weekend. We still have two bedrooms free. The house has a kitchen and garage it is dirt cheap split between multiple people. You can email me at for details. If you are a BloKart sailor from Michigan, We are carpooling from lake Orion Friday the 19th after work. Our friend Craig has an enclosed trailer. we figure if boats and stuff going in the trailer and people piled in the car it can work out to be a cheap trip for everyone.

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  • GeoffS
    started a topic Raco Airfield, Michigan, USA

    Raco Airfield, Michigan, USA

    Eric Douglas and others from the Midwest have been sailing at the disused Raco Airfield in the upper-peninsula of Michigan for some years. Last weekend a few of us from Madison (Wisconsin) along with Fran Gramkowski and Tom Hill joined Eric to see what it's like.

    The Madison contingent arrived Friday and did some sailing and racing (ducking into our cars during a couple of rain showers that moved through). Saturday was mostly a no wind day, although Eric was able to sail the three miles around the airfield (twice!) and there was enough for a couple of races in the evening.

    Sunday was almost perfect. Sunny, warm, and with an steadily increasing wind over the day. The early races were a bit of a challenge for the super-heavyweights in the group, but once the wind picked up into the high single-digits everybody was able to get around the 1/2 mile windward-leeward course pretty handily.

    In the middle of the day we did two races around the airfield (one each direction). The nominally reaching legs were remarkably difficult, with a high premium placed on being able to sail along the slabs that make up the runway.

    I've posted an album with a couple of photos from Saturday's racing.

    I've also posted GPS tracks from my blokart. They give an idea of the size of the place and where we were sailing: