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    Welcome everyone and THANKYOU Pressure Drop for giving us a section on your forum!!!!

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    Blokart Worlds begin in 9 days in Ostend, Belgium.
    - Nearly 150 racers from 13 countries
    - 25 Sponsors including Euro Millions, Volvo, Slam and Emerson Industrial Automation
    - Racing speeds from 20mph (slow) to 70 mph
    - Live Race Reports



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      US of A with only one entry?

      Somehow I thought it was bigger here in the states.


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        A Rough Translation

        Looked through the provided link and their press dossier. It's in Dutch, through the magic of technology, we have translated it.

        Most of it anyways:

        This international competition will be Wednesday October 13 through Sunday, October 17, 2010
        be driven on the beach for the galleries of Ostend. It will be the largest Blokart event ever.

        The organization
        The Belgian Blokart Club association was founded in 2006 by a number of avid blokart pilots. Main objective of the club's activities (games, excursions, ...) organize for the members, the sport in general to promote and
        members' liability insurance. After 5 Successful organizations of the Open Belgian Blokart
        Championship and European Championship in 2007, was the Belgian Blokart Club vzw appointed in 2010 the 'World
        Championship "Blokart to organize. The World Championship is a 2-year event and will but the 10 years in Europe organized!


        There are 136 participants from 18 countries. The pilots are from five continents: Europe, Asia, Oceania, America and Africa.

        The 18 countries are: United Kingdom (# 21), France (# 20), Belgium (# 16), New Zealand (# 16), Netherlands (# 15), Germany (# 14), Spain (# 10), Estonia (# 4), Austria (# 4), Australia (# 3), Denmark (# 3), Lithuania (# 3), United Arab Emirates (# 2), Portugal (# 1), Ireland (# 1), United States (# 1), Japan (# 1) and Switzerland (# 1).

        Some participants already have a reasonable track record behind their name! Some get their world (in their class, see below) defend. It promises to be an exciting contest. Spectacle guaranteed.
        For more information on the participating pilots we refer to the website or program.

        Race Course

        Arts block are classified into two categories: production and performance. In production carts, nothing should be changed. The cart remains standard. By contrast, the performance carts equipped with aerodynamic covers, carbon masts, Production and performance carts ... never ride together since the variation is too large.

        The pilots are divided into weight categories. A pilot of 100 kg has a clear disadvantage compared to a pilot of 60 kg in low wind ... The categories are: flyweight (<55 kg), lightweight (55-70 kg), middleweight (70-85 kg), heavyweight (85 - 100 kg) and one-ton (> 100 kg). Here are some categories of driving together when the group is too small.
        2 minutes before the start is a signal and begins the countdown to the start. Unlike the classic yachting blokarts may have been driving. Block Doctor take a flying start! After the start is for a fixed time (8 min probably is) a fixed route mow. The aim is to maximize laps to go at that time. When the time runs out, the Arts Block or their parcour the way to the finish. Transponders (electronic timing device such as karting) ensure that no errors occur.

        What is a Blokart
        Blokart was designed in 2000 by New Zealander Paul Beckett and has since conquered the world. Blokart sailing is a small beach / land sailor, a wind powered vehicle on three wheels with a sail and control it with your hands. A Blokart is installed in less than 10 minutes without tools, comes in a bag and fits in the trunk of the car. Its compact size and high maneuverability, the Blokart in other areas then drive to the beach. In Belgium, so far mainly on beach practiced in many other countries already in car parks and even specially designed "tracks" like in New Zealand, country of origin. Hence his success!

        Practitioners are both young (from about 8 years), elderly, disabled and able-bodied persons. Driving is purely recreational as well as competitive.

        One of the youngest active pilots Louis Boel (12 years) and won at the European Championship in 2009 a handsome second place in his weight class (and ninth overall on 43 participants). The oldest participant in a Belgian Open was a lady of 71 years!

        The contest rules are formatted in Blokart disabled pilots have the same opportunities without special adjustments have to be made for them. They drive in competition with the able-bodied persons. Every year there are a number of disabled who participate in the Belgian Blokart Open Championship (BOBCO). In a previous edition of the Belgian Championship was Marilyn - Wielemie - Vervoort (tri-athlete) along (and earned a fifth place in her weight category).

        Blokart riding is a fast growing fun sport in 2002 was brought to Belgium. Belgium now has more than 300 practitioners and some 10,000 worldwide. Cross-country, sailing or eco-karting, so is driving a Blokart also called. Driving with a Blokart sets out the same sensations as karting, but without CO ² emissions or odors and noise. With wind speeds of 6 Beaufort far above the 70 km per hour could reach (the world record is 102 km / h!) is by definition a spectacular and attractive outdoor sports. In Europe is still mainly driven on the beach, in the rest of the world is driven more runs.

        What is the future of blokart?

        Driving on the beach is getting harder by silting. Moreover, limiting local police regulations (different for each municipality and one even more strict than others ...) the period may be driven. The moments when it can be driven on the beach are also limited by the tides. It must indeed ebb and enough wind from the sea. All these limits are taken each year only 20 weekends this sport that we should / could practice.
        A run is a solution which is specifically designed Blokart actually. With a track we are no longer dependent on the tides. Schools, sports clubs, groups, individuals, ... would thus every hour of the day to go.

        Outside Dimensions: 140m x 140m
        Shape: diamond drill strips
        Strips: 8 to 12m wide
        Paved surface: + / - 7.000m ²
        Surface: asphalt, fine dolomite, artificial turf, ECO polymer * ...
        General: as free as possible from wind *
        * More info in separate file ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~


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            Max you rock. Great post. See video above and search youtube for more...


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              Blokart Worlds 2010 will be sailed primarily on a tidal beach. This is a popular racing local for blokarting. Courses will be several laps with 1/3 to 2/3 mile legs depending on the wind speed. In the USA we sail in larger parking lots and dry lake beds in the SW. Some beach sailing happens in TX and in the PAC NW. Dry lake bed sailing is amazing...only an iceboater will understand (after you thaw them and talk them off the ledge after driving all over the country in search of proper ice). Its amazing going 60 in mountain thermals and 90 degrees (in shorts). Blokart worlds 2012 will be S of Las Vegas at Ivanpah dry lake bed. Perhaps the ultimate landsailing location in the world.


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                EXCELLENT ON BOARD VID


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                  Where is Dawg?
                  We need him to weigh in for the west coast scene.


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                    Dawg or Bill Price or any of those guys...
                    Not sure if he's allowed to post on "alternative" sailing forums ;-)


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                      It usually is...economy.


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                        North American Blokart Racing Association (NABSA) Facebook Page

                        NABSA Web


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                          I believe we have some interested partys here in Norcal. The big question is who has blokarts in the area and when and where are they being used?

                          The deserts of Nevada are a bit of a hike. Is there something closer to attract the curious for demos?
                 ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~


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                            Originally posted by Max Headway View Post
                            I believe we have some interested partys here in Norcal. The big question is who has blokarts in the area and when and where are they being used?

                            The deserts of Nevada are a bit of a hike. Is there something closer to attract the curious for demos?
                            How about Alameda NAS? Mythbusters is always over there causing havoc. Seems like a great place to set up a course. A streetsweeper, some paint and traffic cones and yer racing........


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                              That woud be perfect. Ill get some Norcal / Socal folks on here to get you guys out. Dealers are listed on under dealers...standbye for more.