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Bring On The Kites: Luderitz Speed Challenge

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  • Bring On The Kites: Luderitz Speed Challenge

    With Vesta's SailRocket already establishing a new Outright World Speed Record at nearby Walvis Bay, and Windsurfers establishing new world records for production boards and custom boards, the trench has been turned over to the kiteboarders to see
    what kind of records they can obliterate in this season of record smashing!

    all images © Eric Bellande/Luderitz Speed Challenge

    This 1st day was perfect to let kitesurfers discover the channel and is looking very promising for better results in stronger wind!! The wind was slowly increasing this afternoon, starting with 20-25 knots.

    Sébastien Cattelan, the French record holder quickly went over 50 knots in the light conditions, followed by the other French rider Sébastien Salerno (4th fastest kitesurfer in the World). Sébastien Cattelan did 4 runs over 50 knots to lead the way with 51.97 knots, he hit a nice gust which reached 30 knots; he was on a 9m2 Delta-shape GENETRIX Origin. Sébastien Salerno finished the day with 2 runs over 50 knots; his best run was 50.59 knots ! He used a 9m2 Delta-Shape ZEEKO.

    Jochen Bock, the German from Fuerte improved his previous best speed (42 kts) on his first run with 43.02 knots, and later broke the Kite surfing German Record with 46.6 knots. He got close to National German Record held by the windsurfer Christian Bornemann (46.75 kts), who set it last week during Windsurfing World Record Attempt portion of the Lüderitz Speed challenge. He used a 9m2 Flat GENETRIX Hydra.
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