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Red Bull Battle of the Sund

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  • Red Bull Battle of the Sund

    This is what it looked like as 250 kiteboarders fought for glory across the 40km long Öresund.

    Battle of the Sund treated us to an immense display of skill and will as 250 kiteboarders made their way across Öresund. A 40km sound between Denmark and Sweden that was once the scene of a great battle between the two nations. The objective was simple, fastest to get across and back again wins.

    Red Bull Battle of the Sund brought 250 kiteboarders from 16 different nations together to rewrite the history of the great naval battle that took place November 8th 1658. That time the Swedes lost, and now it was time to take back the crown. An endevour that didn't go all to well as Dane Bjørn Rune Jensen once again put the Swedes through the embarrasement of defeat.

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