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Worlds 1st Inflatable Reef

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  • Worlds 1st Inflatable Reef

    Magic Sea Weed published the following story on the plans for the worlds 1st inflatable reef. Not sure someting inflatable and held down in the sand with oversized screws is
    going to stay in place with the ocean pounding on top of it, but what the heck, let's see if it works, it did for Pamela Anderson.

    Sort of...

    Plans for the world's first inflatable artificial reef with the purpose of creating tailor made peaks has been designed. Troy Bottegal plans to introduce, manufacture and install the world's first eco-friendly inflatable surf reef, in Perth November 2015.

    The way that swells, moving from deep water, interact with any given coastline is the very thing that deciphers the style of waves you surf, no points awarded to anyone already aware of this. Until relatively recent years, we have relied almost solely on mother nature to decide the whereabouts and style of waves we surf – you probably remember the initial hype around the largely unsuccessful artificial reef in Bournemouth on the UK's south Coast and a more convincing attempt at a multi-purpose reef in India. Perhaps Troy's new design may be an easy way of generating adjustable peaks wherever the need may be.

    The air inflated sail-like structure, will be anchored in shallow water, producing rideable waves where previously there was only closeouts. His patent covers all shapes for these inflatable, underwater structures, with the intention of eventually taking the design to various locations worldwide, it could be modified to style numerous types of wave.

    The project requires funds of $100,00 AUD to get started which will allow for a two month testing period to explore the effects of sand erosion around the anchors, corrosive effects on the chosen sail material, effects of sand movement at the site and the advent of storm occurrences on the installation.
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    I want to smoke what ever Troy has.

    Must be dakine!


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      Who's gonna swim down and patch it when it leaks?